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So, I have this thing where I end up on youTube from time to time and think about all the horrible videos I would make if I weren't so lazy. Most of the time, I end up with Lady Gaga songs, because Lady Gaga is fabulous and not enough people make videos of her songs. Things I think should be made include:

1) A Master video to Born This Way. It would contain all incarnations of the Master. Because baby, he was born this way.

2) A 1973 Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus/Judas video to Judas. Because . . . just because.

3) A Ten video to I Like It Rough. No explanation necessary.

4) An Arthur/Eames video to Speechless. Although I don't know how much Inception fandom would appreciate being mocked. (I love Arthur/Eames, and I love the fandom. But . . . well. A bit of mocking has never hurt any fandom.)

But there is nothing I can come up with that would be as beautiful as the video I embedded under the cut. It's Due South. And . . . it's gorgeous.

Bad choices in choosing vidding songs taken to the extreme. )

And there's also this, which I've linked before, but am linking again, because it never gets old.

Asking the F-List

  • Feb. 5th, 2010 at 5:27 AM
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Duuuuuudes. I finished my vid. The 4:50 video of doooom that I started in May 2009 and that's set to The Noose by A Perfect Circle. AM I AWESOME OR WHAT.

I'm rendering it at the moment. I'd already rendered it, but my conversion prog is being a pain in the ass and won't convert video. I DON'T KNOW WHY. But I'm just rendering again and trying a second time. I finished my vid! I'm zen right now; a bitchy conversion prog can't annoy me.

I am hoping to be able to post it and still get in on the rush of End of Time fanworks that have been flooding the fandom. I will be shameless and admit that I want as much feedback as possible for this vid, considering how much work I invested. So, when's the best time to post, do you think? Not during the weekend, obviously. Usually I'd say Monday around 3 pm EST, when people are getting back from lunch break and are starting to get bored enough at work to check LJ. But I'm not so sure with vids, since you have to download those and stuff. Any input?

Dude. I finished my vid. I didn't actually think that would still happen.

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Vidding is such a pain in the ass. I really don't know why I do it. Either you download the episodes, or you rip them. Ripping them takes forever. Downloading them is okay, but then you're probably going to end up with a set of episodes that have mismatching aspect ratios, frames per second, bitrates, codecs, and all the other shit that needs to match to make the vid look good. So you end up having to convert them all to one matching set of details. You need endless HD space to store all the episodes, you need some more HD space to be able to render in high quality, you either need a computer with an assload of memory, or a lot of patience while you render your vid every ten seconds to preview it (because without sufficient memory, the preview in the program lags, and it's impossible to see if it looks good or not)--and in the end, you're going to end up with something that looks maybe one tenth as good as it did when you saw it in your head.

I want one of those Power Macs they've got sitting in the editing suite at uni. Except I don't want to have to edit in Final Cut Pro, so I'd need a Mac version of Sony Vegas. Which doesn't exist. What pisses me off most is that the Macs in the editing suite won't write on my external HD, because it's formatted for Windows. Seriously? I mean, seriously? Wtf, Apple and Microsoft. You couldn't at least match up your HD formats? Macs can obviously read NTFS; how hard can it be to program them to write it? Compatibility is a good thing, believe it or not.

*throws hands in the air* TECHNOLOGY, PEOPLE. LET ME TELL YOU.

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  • Jan. 15th, 2010 at 3:26 AM
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This is very, very ranty. As the subject line says, read at your own risk. )

ETA: Ahahahaha omg rereading this, I sound like the world's most spoiled brat. Creating my own problems, I'm doing it right. Never mind me. Have some diet cherry coke instead. *shares cherry coke*

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Wednesday Night Ramble

  • Oct. 22nd, 2009 at 1:07 AM
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I just made pancakes. I had no eggs, so I had to make them without eggs, and the recipe put a ridiculously tiny amount of sugar into them, so I fixed that, and also, I threw some cocoa in there to make them more chocolate-y, and somehow, I managed to get some chili in there as well, so they were a lot more spicy than pancakes usually are.


Remember how I was vidding The Noose? Well, I still am, but I decided to take a break and vid The Kill instead. It's a Dresden Dolls song, and ever since I heard it, I wanted to do something with it, because it's awesome. I'm kind of compiling a 3-minute-long watch-Ten-be-a-goof clipshow, and it is depressing the fuck out of me. TEN. Don't go. :( (Insert obligatory comment about how it's good that he's leaving now, because I don't want Moffat to get his hands on the character, etc etc. Still, the tenth Doctor era ending, it's like the ending of the best vacation of your life. You know it has to end, and you know if you were to drag it out, it could only get worse, not better, but still, you REALLY REALLY DO NOT WANT IT TO END.)

Blah blah blah random things about neighbors and fanfic and uni. )

. . . there were no parentheses in the last paragraph. This seems like a good note to end this entry on, so that's what I shall do. HI GUYS HOW ARE Y'ALL?

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Icons and some babbling.

  • Oct. 4th, 2009 at 3:33 AM
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I futzed around with GIMP and Photoshop tonight. I wasn't actually going to post these icons, because there are exactly two of them, plus variations, but I made them from scratch--I make most of my icons from scratch, meaning I rarely use downloaded textures--and also, I just kinda like them. So they're getting posted. Feel free to skip.

Co-dependency makes for interesting OTPs. )

I also wrote a teeny little bit today, about 500 words of a human!Doctor fic I've been working on, and I added a couple of seconds to my The Noose vid. I really like what I have so far of that vid, which is about two minutes of edited and cropped footage, but I need another three minutes. Idk if I can keep it interesting for that long. I can't edit the song to make it shorter, either, though. It's a solid unit; if I cut anything, it would sound really jarring. Oh well, all I have to do is keep working on it, and I'll find out.

Sleep time now. This was a long post about nothing at all. Can you tell that uni has started again? My posting rate has gone up significantly.

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A call to all vidders

  • May. 16th, 2009 at 4:52 PM
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Hello, vidders on the f-list--teach me your wisdom?

I spent three hours last night installing Sony Vegas on my desktop, because I want to make a vid that's been bugging me for ages. Every time I make a vid, though, I end up unhappy with what I come up with. It's not only not what I had in my head, it's not even an acceptable alternative. So I figured this time, I'd ask the internet for help.

How do you vid? Do you have imported, broken-down clips of the episodes in your media manager, or do you import only what you need? Do you storyboard your vid, or do you just go with your instinct and throw together what looks good? Do you match the images and the lyrics? Do you match the images and the music? Do you vid chronologically? Which transition do you use to gain which effect? What about effects/cropping/speeding up or slowing down a clip? In which format do you render your vids? Go on, vidders, tell me all your secrets. :D

Here are my secrets. )

So... that's all I can think of. If you have any tutorials for vidding with Sony Vegas 8.0, I'd appreciate a link enormously. I want to finally figure out how to vid so I can be happy with what I come up with. >_>

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Why yes, I am of a distrustful nature.

  • Feb. 11th, 2009 at 4:47 PM
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*peering suspiciously in the direction of the f-list*

Did any of you guys nominate Help for the Gallifrey Awards?

The internet's been paying me loads of attention last night. What's with that, internet?


  • Nov. 15th, 2008 at 4:17 AM
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I kind of want to make a Master/Doctor vid to Korn's Make Me Bad in the style of T. Jonsey's & Killa's Kirk/Spock vid 'Closer' - only much more badly edited, lol. First problem is, I'd need some high quality gay porn for that, preferably bondage, and I don't have any. (Hah hah, see what I did there? I totally just excused my surfing the net all night looking for gay porn with being an ~*artist*~.) Second problem is, I'm not sure I could pull it off, and if you don't pull off a vid like that really well, it just turns out completely ridiculous.

I feel so boring lately. All I do is post Nano in locked posts, and then whine about having to write Nano in the unlocked posts. Lol fail. There's been a whole lot of f-locking going on in this journal lately. There's always some reason to lock my stuff - I guess it's the fact that too many real life people are invading my internet life lately. I don't really mind real life people reading my journal, but I would mind if they started wanting to talk to me about it in a confrontational way. And, yeah, then there's the thing where I whine about real life people on my journal, so lately, those posts usually get locked as well.

Some seriously long-winded tl;dr about f-locking and social taboos. )

I might have to revoke the opinion I've expressed to a couple of people that Supernatural's forth season is any better than the previous three. The funny episodes are getting funnier, but the srs bzns plot episodes are as ridiculous as ever. There are more funny episodes now, so maybe that raises the general average, but yeah. As soon as they try to do more than have the actors be a couple of huge dorks in front of the camera, they stumble back into the territory of terrible, stereotypical 'characterization' and boring, predictable plot lines. Oh, and the last episode turned this season's 'good' female character into a cheap slut by slight spoiler ). So, no surprises on that front. Stick with the dorky episodes, SPN. You do them a lot better than the serious ones.

Holy fuck, how is it 5am? How did that happen? Askjhf must go to bed. Lol, this entry is so gratuitous.

I maded a non-fannish vid!

  • Nov. 12th, 2008 at 4:35 PM
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I finished my music sequence today in editing class. Well, actually after editing class, since in editing class, I was editing a boring, badly shot spaghetti western drama sequence. Lol.

Anyway, in case you're interested, it's a music sequence cut from footage of a sailing race to U.N.I.T. Rocks from the DW s4 soundtrack. YouTube quality is abysmal, as usual, but I hope you can make out at least the basics.

Thank you so much to [livejournal.com profile] lf2871 for uploading this for me!

Embed and link under the cut. )

More Ten Support, Uni, Nano

  • Nov. 6th, 2008 at 4:10 PM
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I have decided to give modding at [livejournal.com profile] ten_support a try. Lol inorite. But this means I can now modslap anyone who annoys me. Mwahahaha. (I keep saying things like that, but I've never actually had to ban anyone from any of the comms or sites I've modded so far. Lucky me, I guess. There are so many twats out there on the internet - any and all present company excluded, hobviously.)

We've put a 24 hour lock on the comm and are currently working on a proper set of rules and a layout for [livejournal.com profile] ten_support, and I'm hoping we'll be able to contain the woez and negativity a little when we go live again.

OMG GUYS I SLEPT FOR 12 HOURS. Body sez: stupid hooman, metabolizm needs da sleep. And apparently, I should always be sleep-deprived while vidding. You know that class I went to yesterday morning? It was an editing class (they actually let you make vids on uni time; I'm like, lolz too good to be true :D), and we were vidding a 40 second music sequence. The footage consisted of pretty pretty sailing boats doing a race, and we could pick our own music. I went with UNIT Rocks from the DW s4 soundtrack and cut it down to 40 seconds (well, 47 seconds). My vid ended up being all ~*dramatic*~ with the womenz crying and kissing their men goodbye before the men went to face the ~*dangers of the sea*~. Lol misogynist. But the footage had no womenz being kissed goodbye by their boys, and I think it was the male sailing teams doing the race, so, yeah.

Anyway, I'm not quite done with the vid yet - I'm missing about 10 seconds - but when it's done I'll try to render and steal it and upload it to youTube, because I'm liking it. And I will make all of you watch it! Oh yes! :D

I should go and do Nano now. My schedule says I need 1011 words today; that should be doable. The Doctor needs to get out of that cell. I'm with RTD on that: having him locked up is just boring.

Look at Donna's boobies. Aren't they pretty? Everyone on the internet should learn of the importance of boobies at an early age.

I like stabbing.

  • Oct. 10th, 2008 at 1:43 AM
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I am so mightily pissed off at everything right now. I know I shouldn't be, and I feel like a right idiot to let my hormones mess with me like that, but I've been the stereotypical time-of-the-month bitch today. I really don't enjoy it when this happens. >:(

I went to an open mike acoustic night today, because when we were at the open mike night last week, a few friends of mine decided that they were gonna get a band together and play. They did that tonight - they actually found a singer, two guitars and a bass player - and they butchered three songs. (They'd only practiced for, like, 2 hours in all.) After that we went to one of the guy's flat and had pizza. I don't think I was very good company, because the whole time, I was either making snarky side commentary on the open mike participants, or staring moodily into space and pondering every little problem I could conjure up and blew them out of proportion in my head. As I said - I hate it when that happens, hate it with a passion, especially since you're sitting there, feeling like the apocalypse is imminent, and you actually KNOW it's all hormones. Ack. Ick. Fuck this.

I got called a geek by my tutor today - multiple times. It was the first seminar I had with him. DIDN'T TAKE HIM LONG TO FIGURE THAT OUT. He asked us for musical character cues on TV programs, and I mentioned Rose's theme that she has in season one, which reappears in season 4 when she returns. He went o.O at me and said, 'You actually noticed that? I didn't notice that. I had to read about it. GEEK!'

I finished a Doctor/Donna vid to the Beatles' Help. I quite like bits of it, too. But I can't actually upload it, because all browser-based uploads are blocked on the halls network. I get that they're blocking P2P progs, but fucking browser-based uploads? What the hell? The guy who did our introductory seminar made a long speech about how TV is changing to an interactive medium, and how we should all go and upload content to youTube to get close to the audience. Yeah, well. I DID TRY. Fucking halls network. I'll have to go to an internet cafe tomorrow and upload it there. But I might actually bring this up with one of the tutors, because blocking youTube uploads is just a fucking joke.

I am going to go away now and stare angrily at the wall or something.


  • Jun. 12th, 2008 at 12:19 PM
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So I spent all day yesterday chatting on AIM and not doing any work. And I felt sort of bad about it, because after all they do pay me to work here.

So today, I came into work, sat down, and did my job. That was about two hours ago, and now I've got nothing left that I could do. At all.

This balance thing people talk about. I should try it one day.

In other news, I might be joining a RPG as Ten, and am ridiculously excited about it. And I'm vidding the most emo Master/Doctor vid, and it's eating my brain. I will have issues posting the vid, though - it's so EMO.

And I want to write Donna/TARDIS. But let's leave that for another entry.


  • Apr. 5th, 2008 at 6:48 AM
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To round the day off with a less grumpy post, here's things that make me happy:

1) Life on Mars fandom! You guys are all awesome, and the fandom is awesome multiplied, and I'm really happy to have found y'all.

2) The fact that my first "proper" LoM fic (read: fic with actual plot to go with the porn) is now 7000 words and still growing. I did hit a couple of snags, but with the help of awesome fangirl friends and AIM I was able to navigate around them. I know where I'm going with the fic, and I'm determined to finish. Yay :).

3) DOCTOR WHO! With Donna! I cannot wait to see them together again. There will be lols.

4) Collators' Den will be going live very soon. That's shiny, because we put a whole lot of work into that archive and it's always great to see projects finishing up.

5) Sony Vegas is reading my compressed rips. Not happily, but it's doing it, and that makes me happy, because I'd been ready to give up on that prog due to limited disk space.

6) Dvorak's symphony "From the New World". Believe me when I say I am so not a classical music person, but this one is really shiny. I dug up my one classical music CD earlier and put it on, and this piece of music makes me happy.

Right. Now I'm off to bed. Doctor Who when I wake up! :D

Lol eBay auction

  • Mar. 31st, 2008 at 2:14 AM
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This is probably old news for this fandom, but since I'm a latecomer, I hadn't seen it yet.

Whatever happened to Fay Wray the Cortina?

Eeh. Do want. Lol. The guy does look very accomplished.

I think I'm giving up on Sony Vegas. All the converting drives me batshit. Trying Adobe Premiere now. All vidders on my f-list, any prog recommendations? I don't mind complicated, I just want to be able to do whatever I want to with my videos.

Other than that, no real news. Sister came home today and brought some bad news with her (concerning her personal life), and it got me down a little. Not at all her fault, the emo just spread a bit, like emo tends to do. Feel free to link to lulz in the comments, if you have any handy ;).

House Fic, Homepage, LoM Vid

  • Mar. 30th, 2008 at 8:01 PM
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So I hear that House Bigbang is now online and everything. It makes me sort of sad that I feel so little excitement about this, but eh. I'll probably crave House fic at some point in the future, and when that time comes around, I'll have loads to read :D.

I rewrote my homepage, because the javascript setup with the 6 different skins was getting completely unmanagable.

Rosetta Stoned

There's still javascript in there, but a LOT LESS than before.

In other news, I have a vid bunny for an angsty Gene POV Sam/Gene plus unrequited Gene/Alex post-LoM A2A character death vid. Lol, try saying that three times fast. The song is Badge by Cream (Eric Clapton's band in the 60ies), and it's the most awesome song ever, except that the youTube vid has really crappy quality and you probably won't hear much.

I'd love to start vidding RIGHT NOW, because it's all there in my head, but I haven't ripped all LoM episodes yet, and I think my A2A episodes have a different resolution than my LoM ones. Fail. Also, I'll have to convert everything a second time to make Sony Vegas play it. Oh, how I hate hate hate all these vidding inconveniences. Why can't they make a vid prog that does all the things I want, and not only everything except this one tiny but really important one?

In conclusion, woe is me.


  • Feb. 21st, 2008 at 6:31 AM
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I finished the evil vid of death. I feel very accomplished.

I'm posting it right now without having someone beta-watch it (beta-watch the complete version - it's been beta'ed by many people in earlier stages) because there's no way in hell that I'm touching this vid ever again. Rejoice, people with whom I talk regularly on AIM! I won't be whining about this vid anymore.

Posting a vid is so much fucking work! You need the layout for the entry, then you need to upload it to ten different places on the intarwebz which takes hours on end, and then you have to find comms where you can post it - okay, that only applies if you're like me and vid only one vid in every fandom. Seriously, I've edited 6 vids in 5 different fandoms. What's with that?

Anyway. MY POINT IS that posting fic is way easier. AND WHY IS IMEEM SO SLOW? COME ON, I WANT TO POST!

ETA: Giving up. It's 7am, and Imeem still isn't giving me the link. Seems like I'll have to wait till after I've slept to post after all. *sigh* (I bet if I refresh my Imeem profile now, it'll be there).
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Why is it that hardware firms still sell hard drives that are formatted in FAT32? I mean, yeah, Linux doesn't like NTFS, but it's reasonable to assume that people who are using Linux know how to reformat their hard drive so they can use it.

My external is formatted in FAT32, which means I can't save files bigger than 4GB on it. Which wouldn't be a problem, except that I have to go see my parents and can't take the desktop computer with me to work on my vid. I'd be perfectly willing to save my video source file on my external and work on my laptop, except that the source file is 12GB, and, yeah. Exactly. The hard drive is formatted in FAT32.

I'd reformat, but there are 200GB of TV shows on my external that I have no storage place for, not even temporary.

In conclusion, my life = frustrating!

On the bright side, Sony Vegas finally decided to give me back my scrollbars.


Vidding, Wank and Neil Gaiman

  • Feb. 13th, 2008 at 4:46 AM
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So I managed to add 23 seconds to my vid, which totally counts not as fail, because a) I actually vidded 20 more than that, only that those 20 were crap and had to be deleted, and b) I vidded 8 more than required yesterday.

This seconds counting is sort of ridiculous. Ah well. Whatever gets the vid done.

This nowrimo thing has an interesting side effect - I find lots and lots of interesting things on the intarwebz while desperately trying to procrastinate. I checked fandom_wank, and this wank brings the lulz so hard. I quote:
Despite barely surviving a narrow brush with a lawnmower back in 2006, Harry Potter theorist Anise has continued theorizing the stuffing out of Harry Potter. Her theory is that Harry Potter is all about Calvinism and Gnosticism, and she holds forth in threads like "Debate: Did Harry Potter Have a Good Moral Message?" No it didn't. It had a Calvinist message.

On reading this intro, it might not sound all too exciting, but the comments involve people looking for internet lawyers to get them a fandom divorce, and a side show that brings more stupid. Also, a highly interesting theory is established, in which Dumbledore is Simon Magnus as well as Mrs. Granger's seekrit lover, which makes him Hermione's daddy what gave her all her smarts.

Oh, and then there's this icon, which would have made me spit coffee all over my keyboard if I'd been drinking any.

And these are the Chili Peppers in their socks on cocks stage dress. Many of you might know this vid, but even if you do, it's worth a rewatch ;).

And I have to talk some more about the Gaiman book (Anansi Boys) I'm reading. I've been trying to finish it for the last couple of days, but fandom keeps distracting me. I will make a more elaborate post about the book once I've finished it (which might well be tonight, it's only like 20 more pages or something). For now, I just wanted to quote a couple of paragraphs.

Tiny spoilers and a lot of wonderful writing under the cut )

I adore his style. Sends me into giggle-fits.

Oh, and look at the awesome icon I found today :D. Credits are on my icon page.


  • Feb. 13th, 2008 at 1:33 AM
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In the last 4 hours, I have edited the same 10 seconds of my Ten/Donna vid 3 times over, and it simply refuses to work out! I can't get it right! It's driving me fucking insane crazy batshit!

Never mind me. I'm yelling at LJ for lack of RL people I could yell at.

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