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  • Dec. 2nd, 2009 at 9:29 PM
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Hiiii everyone. I still haven't written the fic that I owe you. I KNOW I FAIL. I'm sorry. But of course, this won't keep me from being a meme sheep.


I should write more stuff. I haven't written anything proper in forever. Oh well, I will again at some point.

I watched White Collar! How awesome is that show? It seriously hits all my kinks like someone going over a checklist. Look at the shininess that is one of the promo pics.

Blatant slash under the cut. )

There is also a kink meme, [livejournal.com profile] collarkink. Just reading the unfilled prompts had me shifting in my chair, and not because I was uncomfortable. I haven't written anything yet, but I definitely might. Neal/Peter/Elizabeth ftw. I don't think my interest will go much further than the shiny slash and the threesome and pegging opportunities, though. It's a neat show, but it's not that neat.

In other news . . . I'll probably have to watch Life on Mars US. I want to write my essay for my Contemporary British TV unit about a British program that was adapted by another culture, how the two programs ended up being different, and what made the original uniquely British. Which means I get to deconstruct Life on Mars US piece by piece and can even sound smart while I'm doing it. Win. Downside is, I'll have to actually watch it first.

I have nothing of interest to say. I have to finish two uni projects until the eleventh, which means I'm kind of flailing and busy while not being busy at all, if that makes sense. And I'm flying to Germany to see the parents on the 15th.

I'm not being very interesting in this post. But there was a nice picture and a link to a kink meme; I hope that made up for it. And here's Captain Jack Sparrow being a spazz.

Campy pirate under the cut. )

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