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  • Nov. 29th, 2008 at 6:23 AM
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I just rewatched Blackpool. It's still as awesome as I remember, and I know I promised someone a pimping post, which I'll probably be posting in the next couple of days. However, for now I have a question for everyone who's already seen it.

I love Peter Carlisle, and every time I watch Blackpool, I'm rooting for him to get the girl. But when I think about it, I don't think he actually deserves her. He's a creepy, messed up bastard, just the same as Ripley, only that he conceals it with big brown bambi eyes and a good way with words. I mean, I'd go for him, no questions asked, but I'm not like Natalie. I'm not a good person, not in the sense that I put other people first. Natalie always puts others first, and with Carlisle, she's stumbling into the same trap she ended up in with Ripley. I don't know if she's learned how to protect herself from people like Ripley and Carlisle, so even though I smile and clap my hands together in glee when they finally get together, I don't think it'll end well. Carlisle loves her, I've no doubt about that, but it's in his nature to walk over any- and everyone else to get what he wants, and I don't think that's something people can change about themselves.

The future I see for Carlisle and Natalie is either a stuck-in-a-rut marriage or Carlisle leaving Natalie. Natalie would not leave Carlisle, she's proved that she doesn't back out of a commitment like marriage. The third option, of course, would be Natalie dying, which is the one I usually go for in my head, because it's still the most romantic one. (Because secretly, I totally am a romantic. Oh yes.)

So, am I completely off in my assessment? What's your take on Peter's and Natalie's future?

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