Secret Diary of a Call Girl

  • May. 26th, 2011 at 4:40 AM
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So I may just have marathoned the first two seasons of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I know, sounds horrible, but the seasons only have eight episodes, and the episodes are only twenty minutes long.

No spoilers. . . . but good God, who decided it was a good idea to put that show on ITV? The concept combined with ITV's . . . quaint controversy, for lack of a better term, it's just so damn cringy. It's not quite a C4 show, either, because it's not quite ~hip and ~gritty and ~teendrama enough, but . . . just put it on C5? BBC3? Anywhere but ITV.

But it's on ITV, and since it's on ITV, it's just painfully steeped in all those early-nineties we're-so-open-minded-but-really-we-live-in-the-early-50s standards and convictions. Prostitution is a part of everyday life, we all accept that because we're ~modern, but by God it's still disgusting and fucked up and of course it's the woman's fault. This part has some very generic spoilers for season 2. )

Ahem. Yes. So I was less than overwhelmed by the second season. I'll still probably watch the third and the fourth, because I've started now, and the seasons are very short. But if they keep going in that vein, I'm going to put this show down as . . . well. Really shouldn't have aired on ITV. I think it could work really well on a different channel, but on ITV, it's . . . a show about a call girl trying to perpetuate old-fashioned moralistic standards, and that's just not a good combination. (Also, ITV uses some of the worst, cheesiest timelapse-cutaways I've ever seen. Timelapse of the London Eye? Really?)

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