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  • Nov. 21st, 2008 at 6:32 PM
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Seriously, if anyone slams another door in the next five minutes, I will steal every door in this flat and light a merry bonfire in the street.

I get that you people are not nocturnal creatures and that you're awake during the day, but I don't slam the kitchen door either when I decide to get myself a cup of coffee at 4am in the morning. It's called having some consideration.

Yeah, so. Still rp'ing like crazy, still having the best time ever. Rp'ing, it's kinda like watching television, only that you get to pick the plot, and you get to see the characters do stuff they'd never get up to on-screen in RL. On the other hand, the Doctor is taking over my brain and invading parts of my life that simply aren't his business, but since he's being all excited and enthusiastic about it, I can't really tell him to back off. My life, so hard.

Nano has officially died, I think. No way I can make up the 10,000 words I didn't write this week. Ah well, next year then. Maybe. I still want to finish the fic, because it's a cool fic, and I've already got 30,000 words. Maybe if I'm not writing it under so much pressure, I won't have to make do with so many scenes that make me go, 'meh, it'll have to be enough'.

And here's a youTube clip that might contain was kinda looks like a genuine slip-up for the eleventh Doctor. I was linked to this by [livejournal.com profile] lf2871, and if this is actually true, it makes me a very happy fangirl.

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First post on the new server!

  • Nov. 19th, 2008 at 1:53 AM
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Role playing is eating my life. Of the last 36 hours, I've spent only about three on sleeping. Naturally, those were the hours that LJ was down. Lol. I think the whole population of LJ fandom was asleep during the server move; I've read it about three or four times on the f-list already.

I haven't done Nano :(. I'm about 3000 words behind, and if I don't write anything today, it'll be 4000. I guess I can still catch up, but I've slipped out of my schedule now, and knowing myself, I probably won't be able to muster the enthusiasm to get back on track. Oh well, I still got 27,000 words in less than three weeks and a good solid WIP out of it, so that's cool. :D

I don't know if it's just my course, but British uni is kind of easy. I am certainly not complaining, not at all - I don't believe in challenging myself in areas that don't really interest me, and while I'd be happy to challenge myself in my video editing class, I'm not so much interested in having to challenge myself in my History of TV seminar. So I'd rather have it all being not too challenging and challenge myself in the areas where I want a challenge, lol.

Uni babble. )

To go get some sleep or to not go get some sleep? Decisions, decisions. For some reason, I'm not tired. Lol.

When politics are cute.

  • Nov. 7th, 2008 at 10:51 PM
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Who else wishes that they'll finally announce Eleven on CIN, so the constant posts of 'oh look, I found another dodgy newspaper that's announcing Random Actor #1227 as the new Doctor' at [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho will stop?

I still want Paterson Joseph. I acquired Neverwhere and will watch it and hopefully be just as convinced of him afterwards, because I want to like him. He seems nice.

Seems like I was spouting bullshit in my last post. People who are smarter than me convinced me of this. Read the link in the ETA to find out what I'm talking about. (Ooh, the suspense! ;))

I saw this all over the f-list, and it's seriously adorable.

Yay for smart and generous kids! (Huge image under the cut.) )

I will now start talking about Nano, so if that bores you, you should probably skip to the end. ;)

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More Ten Support, Uni, Nano

  • Nov. 6th, 2008 at 4:10 PM
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I have decided to give modding at [livejournal.com profile] ten_support a try. Lol inorite. But this means I can now modslap anyone who annoys me. Mwahahaha. (I keep saying things like that, but I've never actually had to ban anyone from any of the comms or sites I've modded so far. Lucky me, I guess. There are so many twats out there on the internet - any and all present company excluded, hobviously.)

We've put a 24 hour lock on the comm and are currently working on a proper set of rules and a layout for [livejournal.com profile] ten_support, and I'm hoping we'll be able to contain the woez and negativity a little when we go live again.

OMG GUYS I SLEPT FOR 12 HOURS. Body sez: stupid hooman, metabolizm needs da sleep. And apparently, I should always be sleep-deprived while vidding. You know that class I went to yesterday morning? It was an editing class (they actually let you make vids on uni time; I'm like, lolz too good to be true :D), and we were vidding a 40 second music sequence. The footage consisted of pretty pretty sailing boats doing a race, and we could pick our own music. I went with UNIT Rocks from the DW s4 soundtrack and cut it down to 40 seconds (well, 47 seconds). My vid ended up being all ~*dramatic*~ with the womenz crying and kissing their men goodbye before the men went to face the ~*dangers of the sea*~. Lol misogynist. But the footage had no womenz being kissed goodbye by their boys, and I think it was the male sailing teams doing the race, so, yeah.

Anyway, I'm not quite done with the vid yet - I'm missing about 10 seconds - but when it's done I'll try to render and steal it and upload it to youTube, because I'm liking it. And I will make all of you watch it! Oh yes! :D

I should go and do Nano now. My schedule says I need 1011 words today; that should be doable. The Doctor needs to get out of that cell. I'm with RTD on that: having him locked up is just boring.

Look at Donna's boobies. Aren't they pretty? Everyone on the internet should learn of the importance of boobies at an early age.

Ten Support, Obama, Nano

  • Nov. 5th, 2008 at 8:24 PM
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Alright, so [livejournal.com profile] ten_support was a short and failed experiment for me. I'm sad David's leaving, but I'm so bad at keeping my mouth shut when people come up with theories about how he was bullied out of the role by the show runners - what? Seriously, what? He's a money making machine; I'm sure they offered him shitloads of money to stay. - and when they're so sensitive about the subject that you can't even mention Eleven without some of them breaking down crying.

I hope this won't affect the decision of the two people who I met over at [livejournal.com profile] ten_support to friend me. I would love to still have you on my f-list and get to know you better. I am mostly leaving the community because I don't want to aggravate anyone over there with my not entirely negative perception of David's decision to leave the show. Apparently, it's just not the place for me, at least not while emotions are still running as high as they are. Rock on, though, you guys. Ten deserves all the love he can get. ♥

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] x_bluerose_x, I'd still be up for making that layout if you want me to. Just let me know :).

Last night, I pulled my first real all-nighter since... well, since Stratford last month, I guess. Lol. It was worth it, though. I'm loving all the hope and the love that is spreading throughout LJ, and I am so hoping that this will bring the change to the American people that they are so obviously hoping for. I've always loved the States for what they originally stand for - unity, equality, solidarity - and I'm so happy that you guys once more proved that those values are still in there somewhere. Go USA! :D

I think I will skip on the nano'ing today. According to my schedule, I'm supposed to be writing 1230 words today, but I'm 1535 words in the plus, and my brain is mush. So, for you guys on the nano filter - no update today. This will give you a chance to catch up with what I have so far! *subtle pimpage is oh so very subtle*

Non-Nano post

  • Nov. 4th, 2008 at 2:10 AM
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I said I wouldn't be talking about Nano all the time... and okay, I hope I really won't for all of November, but I gotta do this little dance and tell you guys that I've written fucking seven thousand four hundred and seventy three words over the last three days. And while they do need a lot of work - in my last bit, there are several paragraphs describing the Doctor walking down a corridor; what the fuck, brain? - they're not entirely bad. Writing hasn't been as easy in a long while. I don't know how long this will last, but I am enjoying myself enormously at the moment.

The other reason I'm talking about Nano is that I didn't do anything else all week-end, lol. Except acquire and watch Four episodes. Crazy Doctor is crazy, I'm loving it.

Can I just say again how much I adore Doctor Who? It's ridiculous how much I love this show, in any and all of its incarnations.

Ooh, and I started reading RTD's book. Worth every pound, as far as I can tell so far. ♥

And here's a meme that I snatched from friendsfriends, because I thought it was funny:

You just saw me in the back of a police car. What was I arrested for?

Feedback meme, Nano, Doctor Who

  • Nov. 1st, 2008 at 10:20 PM
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Hit me. I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but, er. Maybe some of you guys remember something that always bugged you about my writing? Or something like that. I would love to get some crit, good or bad, because I never really know how good or bad I am. I go through phases thinking I'm moast awesome, and then I get times when I cringe at everything I come up with. I guess it's the same with all of you guys, but then, that's what this meme is for, right?


I posted my first Nano bit! 2,188 words; I'm so very proud. And no, I won't be exclusively talking about Nano this next month, lol. I'm just mentioning it again because I found out via IM that apparently a couple of people missed my last post about the Nano filter. Again, if you want to be on the filter, please comment and let me know. And now I will stop with the shameless self-pimp.

I acquired the s4 DW soundtrack today. ♥♥♥ It's as awesome as the s3 one. I positively adore Murray Gold.

And apparently, there's a new trailer for the Xmas special. If you've seen it, please don't talk to me about it - I am trying to stay spoiler-free. But if you want to watch it, the [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho post is here.

I miss DW. Xmas needs to come FASTER.

Eleven, Pity Parties, and Nano

  • Oct. 31st, 2008 at 1:38 AM
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Apparently, Morrissey is not the most likely candidate for Eleven anymore. It's Paterson Joseph, whom I do not know, but whose picture evokes decidedly Doctorish affection in me. In other words, Paterson Joseph for Doctor. Reliable people assure me he is a decent actor as well.

The more I'm thinking about it, the more I'm loving the idea of a black Doctor. I think it would add another new layer to the show, and would bring some more new ideas and innovation. With a new show runner and a new Doctor/companion team, we'll be getting a whole new show anyway. I think adding a skin color change for the Doctor to the mix would only make things even more interesting, and Doctor Who is one of the few shows that I trust to handle a change like that well.

I had an alcohol-and-junk-food-Tennant-is-leaving-Who pity party tonight, and it was a good idea. I am sobering up now, though, which means I should go to bed before I become all melancholic and start to listen to Gallifrey some more.

Nano starts on Saturday, and - I won't be writing the original fic. I'm sorry. (I'm so sorry.) I know I probably should, but I don't even have a hint of a plot, and it'll end with me typing up a bunch of stream-of-consciousness-like opening scenes and then deciding that Nano is really not worth the trouble. Sorry about that. Maybe next year. (Or sometime in between - you never know!)

I won't be writing the Doctor Who/House x-over thing, either, though. Lol flimsy. I have (for now) settled on a Doctor Who plot about Ten ending up having to relive the Time War. It's all very dramatic and terrible, and if it ever gets written, it will involve a lot of emotion and sad lonely Ten. I'll be posting updates on this journal on a filter. So if you want on my Nano filter, leave me a comment. I can't promise anything, though, except that I will give it an honest try.

Nano again.

  • Oct. 24th, 2008 at 3:51 AM
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I've been thinking about what to write for nano.

Option A is to go for that original thing that I've been thinking about. Basically it's a Sherlock Holmes rip-off, but with Holmes being an ex-angel who has to be and do good for his own peace of mind's sake, but actually hates it with a passion, and Watson being a slightly naive young cop with a big heart who just split up with his girlfriend and moved in with the first person he could find. I don't really have a Lestrade, but Angel!Holmes has a friend who used to be a demon (this is where I'm ripping off Good Omens) who provides them with information, and cop!Watson has a boss who might turn out to be Moriarty - not sure about that yet.

Anyway, I do have the characters for this, but I don't really have a strong 50,000 words plot, and it's original fiction, which is harder to write for me than fanfic.

The other option would be going for this Doctor Who/House crossover plot that I mentioned a while ago (Bunny #2 in this post), which is basically that the Doctor gets sick and House has to cure him. Obviously I have the characters for this one, and I have a basic plot worked out in my head, although I don't know if I could stretch it over 50,000 words.

If I go for the original fic, I would not be posting it on my journal, because I'm self-conscious about original fic, and especially unedited original fic written on a schedule. If I go for the Doctor Who fic, I'd make a filter and would be posting (hopefully) daily updates.

I'm not sure what I should do. Original fic is more exciting, and nano's a chance to finally get started on it, but fanfic is easier, and writing 50,000 words in a month is hard enough without making things overly complicated by writing original fic. And I actually do want to write that crossover.

[Poll #1284243]

Nanowrimo '08

  • Oct. 8th, 2008 at 6:16 PM
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I signed up.

I also made a table with percentage-calculated word counts which are indirectly proportional to how much time I will be spending at uni on those days. I like math games. Shut up.

Lol, I will never make it to 50,000, but I am getting psyched about this. Maybe I'll get to 10,000 - that would be an achievement, compared to how little I usually manage to write in a month.

Have any of you decided to sign up as well?

Seems like we're back to my regular schedule of too-many-posts per day. Hah! Did you miss me? ;)


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