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  • Apr. 27th, 2011 at 12:28 AM
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First of all, I know I owe some folks comments on several entries. I will get to them! I just talked so much about the new Doctor Who that at some point I just hit that point where I couldn't talk about it anymore. I'll probably answer them one I finish this post.

Secondly, I watched United, David Tennant's new drama, the other night. Some spoilers plus a bit of a rant. )

I also rewatched Single Father. No spoilers, really, just some rambling. )

And Exile promos have been released! Exile, apparently, is John Simm's new drama. Which I vaguely knew about, but had no idea was coming out so soon--May 1! Keep up the good work, boys. All of this might just tide me over until Torchwood starts airing this summer.

John Simm as Hamlet, Sep 25

  • Sep. 30th, 2010 at 12:02 AM
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[ profile] ontd_feminism: GameCrush Lets Guys Pay Money To Play Online Games With Women (Seriously)

The phrase "what is this I don't even" was never more appropriate. I honestly have no other reaction to this. What. Just . . . what.

Right. On to more pleasant things.

I went to see John Simm as Hamlet on Saturday! )

Why yes, I am a fangirl.

  • Sep. 22nd, 2010 at 3:09 PM
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So I just decided I'm going to Sheffield to see John Simm as Hamlet. Because it's only about £50, including tickets and trip, and I want to have the geek cred points it would get me to have seen both DT and JS doing Hamlet.

I'm aiming for the 7:15 performance on Saturday, Sep 25. Who wants to come with? Tickets are £20. [profile] wihluta?

ETA: Just bought my ticket. There was only a single one left for Sep 25, so I am going on my own. SORRY EVERYONE. I shall Report, when I get back.
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John Simm, you are an odd, odd man.

I just watched the confidential for End of Time 1. Apart from the fact that watching confidentials makes me ridiculously happy--I love watching the show, of course, but watching the confidentials is much more likely to make me tear up and jump up and down with glee, because seeing so many people working on something I love and seeing them love it just as much is just wonderful--I also find it really interesting to see the reaction of the actors to what the script had them doing. In this case, of course, John I-am-six-billion-people Simm was the most interesting.

When Simm gives an interview, he never looks at the person he's talking to. He doesn't look at the camera, anyway, of course, but you will very rarely see him looking at the interviewer, either. He usually looks down, or sideways, or is scratching his cheek or whatever, just to be able to avoid looking at the interviewer. He seems really embarrassed when he's talking about his acting and his work. Except then, from time to time, you get these little moments when he forgets that he's being interviewed, and then you get quotes like the one I used as a subject for this entry. (Which, by the way, had me pausing the confidential and just lol'ing for a good minute. I feel your pain, John. I am not very dainty with the tights situation, either.)

But, yes. John Simm seems to be a bit of an odd guy. Not odd in a bad way, of course. It must be hard, though, having to feel so awkward and embarrassed about something you're so bloody good at--acting, in this case. Or maybe it's not that. Maybe he's just not very good with being aware of what he should and shouldn't say, and gets paranoid about it. Which is understandable, if you consider that this is the guy who freely shared that he used to be a cage dancer. >_>

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Appropriate Icon Is Appropriate

  • Dec. 9th, 2009 at 12:53 AM
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I've been watching this somewhat cheesy, overly gritty-British-TV 90's crime show Cracker. I'm up to series three now . . . AND GUESS WHO SHOWED UP IN THE LATEST EPISODE.

It's a baby!Simm! This is from '95, so he was 25 in this, but damn if he doesn't look like he's barely 15. Awww, baby!Simm. In his first scene, he was being chased by a gang of girls who ended up taking his pants away. :3

ETA: Spoilers. )

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Acting Talent

  • Aug. 27th, 2009 at 2:15 AM
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God, John Simm is a fucking amazing actor. I just watched LoM 1x02 (on YouTube, because I was too lazy to get my DVDs from the living room, lol self), and fuck. That character, Sam. . . he's just every 21st century neurosis wrapped up in this twitchy, helpless man clinging to his rules and regulations. And Simm does such a great job transferring that onto the screen. That show, it amazes me every time I watch an episode.

I may have to rewatch SoD/LotTL. Just to have that stark contrast of Simm and Tennant together on screen. They're so different, in their acting and their portrayed personalities, and yet each of them is brilliant in their own right. They need to work together more. Putting them together on screen, it would make every show explode.

In other news, I spend the whole day reading first and then various wank communities on JF. Lol waste of a day. I just don't know what to do with my time till I'm off to the States. *twiddles thumbs*

What's up with the f-list?

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Teenage Failboat, Random Stuff

  • Nov. 22nd, 2008 at 10:30 PM
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For some reason I ended up seeking out songs I used to listen to as a kid on youTube. Great hilarity followed. Jesus, I had no taste as a kid.

The three highlights. Because, you know. Hilarity.

You want to know. You really do. (YouTube embedding.) )

So what are your most embarrassing secrets when it comes to what you listened to as a (pre-)teenager?

Summary of other more or less interesting things:

- If my icon confuses you, you are missing out. Their love is epic.

- I want this. Yes. Please. Master. This pastede-on hat shouldn't look so sexy.

- I watched The Devil's Whore, and apart from the Devil, who was just badly done, it's quite awesome. I burst out laughing every time someone called Simm Sexby, though. Why yes, I am five. Also, Sexby is so the Master. Such a hard-on for war, I was waiting for him to go tapping his fingers: da-da-da-dun. The main character is quite awesome as well, I like her a lot. Will watch again. (Oh, and and, most important: Guh.)

AND LOOK. SIMMY SIMM HAS A TAG NOW. I hope he knows what a privilege that is. So far, only the David has had an individual tag on this journal.

That's it, really. Will go watch Merlin now.

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