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  • Oct. 6th, 2008 at 3:00 PM
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I'm so very talented. I broke the network port on my laptop. I have never needed the network port until now, when I have to connect to the uni network via cable, and it didn't take me three weeks to break it. Ah well. I bought a PCMCIA network card for 15 quid, and am hoping that it will work that way. (I'm in the uni IT room at the moment, not at home. Which is also the reason for any z/y mix-ups in this post, because they use qwerty keyboards here. D:)

I realized that I've never talked about Life on this LJ. Since the second season is airing now, and the show desperately needs some viewers, I'll do that now.

Pimping Life )

I am feeling so very unproductive lately. I want to get into writing again. Which is why I am taking prompts. I can't promise you I'll write your prompt, but I can promise that I'll try. Fandoms I'm likely to write fic about are: Doctor Who, Life on Mars, Life. You can suggest any other fandom as well, though, as long as I know the show/book.

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