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You know how there are different types of shows? There's the kind you watch because they're so trainwrecky you can't look away. Then there's the kind you watch because they keep you on the edge of your seat. And there's the type that makes you flail wildly and tell all your friends about it till their ears fall off, and there's the kind that makes you come up with idea after idea for fanfiction.

And then there's the last kind, the sort that's like this stereotypical old photograph that you keep in your wallet and only take out in private, to look at and run your thumb over the creased edges and get this burning feeling in your eyes and chest.

That's exactly what watching Taking over the Asylum was like for me. It sounds cheesy, but there you are. Those shows with the old-school rock music soundtrack, they always get to me.

Taking over the Asylum

  • May. 13th, 2008 at 1:34 AM
teyla: Mary Morstan from Sherlock giving a thumbs-up. (Ten/Donna)
I've been watching the first two episodes of Taking over the Asylum, and wow. I am already deeply in love with this show. For all the tear-jerking that went on in Recovery and all the more-or-less funny jokes from Learners, I think this show has already touched and made me laugh more than either. It's this quiet desperation covered up with almost manic cheer and cynicism, this whole asylum feeling. Works for me every time.

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