teyla: Malcolm Tucker in front of a Sun headline spelling out 'Silly Tucker'. Malcolm is obscuring the T. ([ttoi] silly tucker)
teyla ([personal profile] teyla) wrote2017-05-27 05:21 pm

The Ultimate Malcolm and Jamie Novel

I finished my fiiiiiiiiiiiiic. :D :D :D

51,256 words. It's in beta now (poor [personal profile] topaz_eyes and [personal profile] neery). I can't wait to post. I've never been this excited about a fic. I got up at 6:30 every day the past couple of weeks so I'd be able to write for an hour before work. THAT'S HOW EXCITED I AM. :D

I will make another post later with some other updates (my new job, the zoo, that sort of thing) but I feel like finishing this fic deserves its own post. Longest fic I've ever written! :D

Look at my research post; it's taken on terrifying dimensions since I posted it.

I'm thinking about posting in chapters. There are eight chapters of roughly six- to eight thousand words, and I could post them in weekly installments. That's still a sizeable amount of words per week, and I might get some more traction in this tiny, tiny fandom (which is mainly on tumblr, sadly enough) if I drag out the posting process a little. I don't feel too bad about it when I've got the fic already finished. At least I can guarantee folks that it will be completed.

So, yeah. Watch this space! I'll definitely post a link here, too.

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