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Research Post - Thick of It

I'm writing The Thick of It fic and it involves a lot of research, so I'm going to keep track of my links in this post. If you're interested in 1980s Scotland and/or Catholicism, some of this might actually be interesting to you!

1. Scottish Language Resources

The Glossary of Scottish Slang on Wiktionary

The Online Slang Dictionary

Scotranslate - English to Scottish Translator

DSL - Dictionary of the Scots Language

List of Scottish Gaelic Surnames (Wikipedia)

You Swear - Scottish

18 Scottish Swear Words (BuzzFeed)

Scottish Girls Names

2. Locations (Now and Then)

2.1 Motherwell, Glasgow

Motherwell (Wikipedia)

Gorbals (Wikipedia)

The Slums of 1980s Glasgow Through the Lense of a French Photographer

Raymond Depardon's Images of 1980s Glasgow (Google Image Search)

Map of 1970 Glasgow

Photos of Glasgow 1960s through 1980s

195 Albion Street, Glasgow (Offices of the Herald), 1974

Intersection High Street and Ingram Street, Glasgow, 1973

Argyll and Bute Council Area (Wikipedia)

Strathclyde (Wikipedia)

2.2 St Peter's Seminary

St Peter's Seminary, Cardross (Wikipedia)

St Peter's Seminary, Cardross (Blog Post)

St Peter's Seminary, Cardross (Google Image Search)

St Peter's Seminary, Cardross (Google Image Search - Related Images)

Cardross, Scotland (Wikipedia)

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (previous inhabitants of Merrylee House in Newlands)

Glasgow, Newlands, 33 Briar Road, Merrylee House, 1963

Scotus College, Bearsden (Wikipedia)

2.3 Trains between Glasgow and London

List of Named UK Rail Services (Wikipedia)

Royal Scot (Train between Glasgow and London) (Wikipedia)

Sleeper Trains Between London and Scotland (BBC article)

2.4 London in the late 80s/ 90s

King's Cross Fire 1987

1987 London Tube Map

1987 Map of London City (not particularly good ...)

1940s City of London Maps

1980s Fancy London Kitchen reference

Memories of Camden Market 70s to 90s (Guardian article)

West Brompton Seagrave Lodge (2008)

Lambeth Cemetery (Google Image Search)

3. Seminary, Priesthood, Ordination, Catholic Faith, Code of Canon Law, Sexual Misconduct in the Catholic Church of Scotland

3.1 Seminary, Priesthood, Ordination, Code of Canon Law

Ordination in the Roman Catholic Church (Wikipedia)

Deacons in the Roman Catholic Church (Wikipedia)

Apostolic Succession (Wikipedia)

Sacrament in the Roman Catholic Church (Wikipedia)

On the Requirement of Sufficient Maturity for Candidates to the Presbyterate, 1917 Code of Canon Law

Forum Thread on Transitional Deacons

Priesthood in the Catholic Church (Wikipedia)

1983 Code of Canon Law (Wikipedia)

Curriculum of the St Thomas Aquinas Seminary in VA, USA

3.2 Catholic Faith

Pope John Paul II (Wikipedia)

How to Address the Pope (WikiHow)

Thomas Aquinas (Wikipedia)

The Sin of Pride

Nebuchadnezzar’s Pride And Punishment

Summa Theologiae > Second Part of the Second Part > Question 162: Pride

Psalm 32: Blessed is the One Whose Sin is Forgiven

Confirmation in the Catholic Church (Wikipedia)

List of Christian Martyrs (Wikipedia)

Book of Revelation (Wikipedia)

Infallibility of the Church (Wikipedia)

Dei Verbum (Wikipedia)

Babylon Quotes

Isaiah 21-9, the Fall of Babylon

3.3 Sexual Misconduct in the Scottish Catholic Church

Keith O'Brien: Sexual Misconduct and Consequences

Time to Turn Spotlight on Abuse by Priests in Scotland (Herald article)

Catholic Church in Scotland Asks Forgiveness from Child Abuse Victims (Guardian article)

Ex-pupils Allege They Were Raped and Abused by Monks at Schools in Scotland (Guardian article)

4. News

4.1 News in 1980s/90s Glasgow

List of Scottish Newspapers (Wikipedia)

Evening Times (Wikipedia)

Forum Thread Linking to Online Archives of Herald (1806-1990) and Evening Times (1951-1990)

Evening Times Online Archive 1980s (Google News)

4.2 The Daily Mirror in 1980s/90s

Daily Mirror (Wikipedia)

Daily Mirror Offices Address 1987

Engineering Timeline of the Daily Mirror Building

Mick Jagger on the Daily Mirror Offices Roof 23 August 1987

Daily Mirror Offices Address 1987

Daily Mirror Building Holborn Circus

Daily Mirror Building Holborn Circus 1988

Daily Mirror Building Holborn Circus in color

Pictures of the Daily Mirror Building in Holborn (Google Images)

UK Press Online: Daily Mirror

4.3 History of News and News Reporting Technology in the 1980s/90s

Computer-assisted Reporting (Wikipedia)

History of British Newspapers in the 20th Century (Wikipedia)

Smith Corona electric typewriter (YouTube)

1987 Newsroom (Philadelphia Inquirer)

5. Politics and Social Issues

5.1 Political and Social Issues and Events in Scotland/ Britain

Social history of the United Kingdom (1945–present) (Wikipedia)

Political History of the United Kingdom 1945 - present (Wikipedia)

5.2 The Heroin Epidemic in Scotland

The Fatal Legacy of a Nation's Drug Use Epidemic (Herald article, 2012)

Drugs: Scottish Policy and Practice (Paper on Academia.edu)

5.3 HIV

History of HIV in Scotland

Timeline of HIV/AIDS (Wikipedia)

Terry Higgins (early AIDS-related UK death) (Wikipedia)

HIV/AIDS in the United Kingdom (Wikipedia)

The terror and prejudice of the 1980s AIDs crisis remembered by a gay man who lived through it (Independent)

Plague-Making and the AIDS Epidemic: A Story of Discrimination (Google Books)

5.4 Events - Chronological (80s/90s)

Labour Party (UK) Deputy Leadership Election 1981 (Wikipedia)

Droppin Well Bombing 1982 (Wikipedia)

IRA Brighton Hotel Bombing in 1984 (Wikipedia)

1986 Bombing of Libya (Wikipedia)

1987 in the UK (Wikipedia)

Anti-LGBT Poster Tories 1987 (Labour Camp)

Anti-LGBT Poster Tories 1987 (Young, Gay, and Proud)

United Kingdom General Election 1987 (Wikipedia)

Election 1987 (BBC Website)

Section 28 - 1988 Anti-Gay Legislation

Hillsborough: how the Sunday Times - and the Sun - reported the tragedy (Guardian article)

Hillsborough report: why the Mirror refused to accept police spin (Guardian article)

The Sun - The Truth (1989)

1989 Conservative Leadership Election (Wikipedia)

Poll Tax (Wikipedia)

UK election 1992 (Wikipedia)

It's the Sun Wot Won It (1992 election) (Wikipedia)

Bombing of Baltic Exchange Building 1992 (Wikipedia)

Black Wednesday (Wikipedia)

UK Election 1997 (Wikipedia)

Scottish Parliament (Wikipedia)

Referendum Party (Wikipedia)

New Labour, New Danger Tory Election Poster (1997, Wikipedia)

5.5 Events (mainly post-9/11)

Premiership of Tony Blair (Wikipedia)

UK Election 2001 (Wikipedia)

The Dark Day That Brought Out the Worst in Britain (Telegraph, 2011, American ex-pat on 9/11)

Guardian: Blair calls for solidarity after 9/11 (2001)

Guardian: Three Hours of Terror (9/11, 2001)

Guardian: They Don't Know Why They're Hated (9/11, 2001)

The Impact of 9/11 in Britain (Mic, 2011)

9/11 and 7/7 and the United Kingdom (Paper from Radical History Review, 2011)

UK Election 2005 (Wikipedia)

Terrorism Act in the UK (Wikipedia)

Great Recession in Europe (2008) (Wikipedia)

2008 in the UK (Wikipedia)

2009 in the UK (Wikipedia)

2010 in the UK (Wikipedia)

2011 in the UK (Wikipedia)

2012 in the UK (Wikipedia)

5.6 Political Structure, Parties, Positions, and Significant Politicians of the United Kingdom

Margaret Thatcher (Wikipedia)

Alastair Campbell (Labour Spin Doctor) (Wikipedia)

Tony Blair (Wikipedia)

Gordon Brown (Wikipedia)

Downing Street Director of Communications (Wikipedia)

House of Commons (Wikipedia)

House of Lords (Wikipedia)

London Labour Office Address

6. The Legal System

6.1 1980s Scottish Legal System, 1956 Sexual Offences Act, Low Moss Prison

Prostitution in the UK (Wikipedia)

Sexual Offences Act 1956 (Wikipedia)

Courts of Scotland - District Courts (Wikipedia)

Legal Aid in Scotland (Wikipedia)

HMP Low Moss (Wikipedia)

Nissen Huts (Used at Low Moss) (Wikipedia)

Prison Riots in Britain and the USA - Low Moss Prison Riot 1986 (Google Books)

RAF Nissen Hut (Outside)

RAF Nissen Hut (Inside)

Restaurated Nissen Hut

6.2 Perjury in Englang & Wales, Crown Court Trials

Perjury in England and Wales (Wikipedia)

Indictable Offence (Wikipedia)

Crown Court (Wikipedia)

Crown Court - Court Room Layout

Crown Court - Case Statistics

Crown Court Process & Procedure

Citizen's Advice: At the Crown Court

HSE: At the Crown Court
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*raises hand*

I hereby offer my services as Scot-picker for this story. :)

Potentially of interest to you: Section 28 (The 'Keep the Clause' campaign may also be of interest to you but it may make you want to punch people...)

Also you may enjoy the video for Bronski Beat's Small Town Boy which always dredges up vivid memories of being a kid/teenager in the West Coast of Scotland during the late 80s and 90s.