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All right, so as of now, there will be no more crossposting to LJ. One of these days, I will go through my LJ and delete all my extremely personal crap. Everything else will stay up. All my content has been imported to DW, so I'm not losing anything. I feel good about this way of handling it, so yay. Thanks to everyone who gave input!

I've been talking to [personal profile] tinny about icons, and because I was stuck on my fic, and quite enjoyed the new Doctor Who episode, I made some 10x01 icons.

1 2 3 4 5

Twelfth Doctor peering around a door.

Bill and Heather on pink background with a heart.

Twelfth Doctor lecturing with Gallifreyan symbols in the background.

Bill smiling through a meshwire fence.

Bill and Twelve sitting at a table in a cathedral-y setting.
6 7 8 9 10

Bill in the TARDIS, looking surprised, with lots of light on her face.

Shoulder-upwards crop of Twelve smirking, roman numerals XII in the background.

Twelve glaring in front of a grey-pink background with a skull pattern.

Twelve looking like he is summoning a demon in front of a window overlooking deep space.

Bill and Twelve running towards foreground in front of a blue-yellow church window texture.

Crit, feedback, comments, all welcome!

Has anyone been watching Line of Duty? I'm mostly watching it for Paul Higgins, who played Jamie on The Thick of It. His English accent is painful. He's trying so hard, but as someone on my dash on Tumblr said, it's like watching undercover Jamie acting like he imagines Englishmen act. His character on Line of Duty is an UTTER CREEP, though, so I'm having some discomfiting dissonance with how much I love Jamie and how much I hate ... I think his name is Hilton? ACC Hilton. Blech.

Thandie Newton is playing the lead, though, and she's great. I had a huge crush on her back when she was playing Dr. Carter's girlfriend on ER. Her character on Line of Duty is a bit shady, but man, I know where my sympathies lie. Everyone else on that show is even more of a creep. Oh, gritty British crime shows.
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Yep, fellow Line of Duty watcher here... And I have to say: while I agree that there are shady characters aplenty on that show, I like watching it? Besides, I have this weird idea of Hastings (Adrian Dunbar's character) being sent to the police afterlife of Life on Mars/ Ashes to Ashes , and Gene Hunt being very upset because "you were supposed ta be dead the last time!" ;) Apologies for my weird humour :)
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Re icons

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Also, I really like your icons and have a tangentially related question: because there are no icon makers in my current main fandom (too small and most of it is on tumblr), I am once again trying to be the change and have downloaded GIMP in order to become an icon maker myself. Most of the resources I have found so far presume that you know your way around an image manipulation program and so (as a complete newbie) I feel a bit at sea! Thanks for all your suggestions and sorry for hijacking your post like this...
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Wow! This is super-helpful, thank you! I'll send a more detailed reply tomorrow or next week (I have a work busy weekend on my Phd thesis planned), but I wanted to quickly answer this bit:

What's your current main fandom? I feel like I should know, but I don't think I've seen you post about it

You cannot know because a proper fannish update is still in the works :) It will be posted at the end of the month, time willing. To asnwer: it's Quentin Tarantino films, particularly the alternative histories ( Django Unchained , Inglourious Basterds ), where I have grown particularly fond of Christoph Waltz's characters *points at icon* Since I am a history geek, I'm thinking up background stories and AUs like crazy, but the fandom...is more classical celebrity fandom than transformative, so I hope to have better luck engaging here (even with people who are not fans of these canons) than over there (there's people who find my meta interesting but they never engage and I find that boring? Same with the constant repetition of picture posts of actors I like with just "They are So handsome/hot!!!". Even when I agree...it gets boring after a while?)

Sorry for the rant... I am still suffering from culture shock, I guess *wry smile*
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Re: Re icons

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Oh, hello!

If you want to join the iconmaker community on DW, head on over to [community profile] icontalking, we're trying to build a community right now.

Almost all iconmakers are still on LJ, and almost nobody is here. We welcome everyone with open arms.

GIMP is a good choice to get into iconmaking. It's a great tool and can do everything you need to make icons.
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Nice icons! I really love #5, and #2 is too cute!
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[personal profile] rusty_armour 2017-04-20 09:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Wonderful icons! It's impossible to pick my absolute favourite. I think I like 2, 7 and 10 best.
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Ooooh, awesome! Those are great!

The lighting is excellent, and your masking is very good, too.

I especially like 1 and 8 and 9, because they have that kinda flat matte coloring that I personally love. But the less flat ones (5 and 7 especially) look great to me, too. The composition in both 5 and 10 is great.

One thing that you might want to look into is sharpening artefacts around the masked characters. It's not very pronounced in your icons, the only one I really notice it in is #3.

What I always do is smooth out the artefacts at the very end. What you do is you create a stamp copy of your layers (if you need step by step explanations, let me know), then blur that copied layer with a simple Blur filter. Set the whole mask to black. Then go over the places you think look pixelated with a small white brush. -> blur only the places where you see blocky things.

I have an action that does this, if you're interested. Do you even use Photoshop?

(Also, just because that one took me *years* to find, Photoshop has a "Refine Mask" command (CTRL-ALT-R). It works on both mask layers and active selections. But it's not that versatile outside of single selections, so ymmv.)
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<3 Finally someone to talk concrit with! Yay!

Man, my tablet broke years ago, and I never bothered to get a new one. But I wish I had one for hair painting. That's such a bitch with the touchpad. I mean, touchpad is better than mouse - I love using the touchpad - but pressure sensitivity is just sorely missed when trying to paint hair. *sigh*

Is a sample copy layer like "make new from visible" in GIMP?

I don't know GIMP, but that sounds like it? In PS, it's called "Stamp Visible" (Alt-Ctrl-Shift-E). I use keyboard shortcuts for everything.

I always try blurring in the layers, but that gets really messy really fast.

I do that with the original base layer, too (copy, sharpen, then mask away the too sharp stuff), but a lot of artefacts appear around text, and those you can't fix on the text layer itself. So there is no choice but to smooth them out at the very end. I hate stamping, but it's the only thing that really works in that case, so. *shrug*

I'll have to give that command a try! And I have to admit I don't know how to use actions in PS. Are they like macros in Office?

Yes. I'll give you my action set with the Blur action in it. There are a ton of others in it that you probably won't need, but hey. :) Just don't let them confuse you.