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All right, so as of now, there will be no more crossposting to LJ. One of these days, I will go through my LJ and delete all my extremely personal crap. Everything else will stay up. All my content has been imported to DW, so I'm not losing anything. I feel good about this way of handling it, so yay. Thanks to everyone who gave input!

I've been talking to [personal profile] tinny about icons, and because I was stuck on my fic, and quite enjoyed the new Doctor Who episode, I made some 10x01 icons.

1 2 3 4 5

Twelfth Doctor peering around a door.

Bill and Heather on pink background with a heart.

Twelfth Doctor lecturing with Gallifreyan symbols in the background.

Bill smiling through a meshwire fence.

Bill and Twelve sitting at a table in a cathedral-y setting.
6 7 8 9 10

Bill in the TARDIS, looking surprised, with lots of light on her face.

Shoulder-upwards crop of Twelve smirking, roman numerals XII in the background.

Twelve glaring in front of a grey-pink background with a skull pattern.

Twelve looking like he is summoning a demon in front of a window overlooking deep space.

Bill and Twelve running towards foreground in front of a blue-yellow church window texture.

Crit, feedback, comments, all welcome!

Has anyone been watching Line of Duty? I'm mostly watching it for Paul Higgins, who played Jamie on The Thick of It. His English accent is painful. He's trying so hard, but as someone on my dash on Tumblr said, it's like watching undercover Jamie acting like he imagines Englishmen act. His character on Line of Duty is an UTTER CREEP, though, so I'm having some discomfiting dissonance with how much I love Jamie and how much I hate ... I think his name is Hilton? ACC Hilton. Blech.

Thandie Newton is playing the lead, though, and she's great. I had a huge crush on her back when she was playing Dr. Carter's girlfriend on ER. Her character on Line of Duty is a bit shady, but man, I know where my sympathies lie. Everyone else on that show is even more of a creep. Oh, gritty British crime shows.

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