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teyla ([personal profile] teyla) wrote2036-05-04 04:06 pm

Sticky Info Post

Apparently we do these now, so here's mine!

Hi there, I'm teyla (have been since 2002; it's got nothing to do with SGA), I'm in my 30s, and I currently live in Germany. I keep most of my personal stuff locked; fannish stuff or posts without private info stay unlocked. I add back easily, so add away and we'll see if we click.

Other places you can find me:

Tumblr | Twitter | AO3

Fannish Activities:

Writing | Vidding | Icons | Art on Tumblr (mostly digital) | Art on DW (traditional) | Gifs


The Thick of It (current) | Doctor Who | Star Trek: TOS/AOS | Star Trek: ENT | House MD

... and many more.

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