• Dec. 5th, 2010 at 8:42 PM
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Is it just me, or did the rampant misogyny this season make anyone else's skin crawl?

Not really any spoilers. )


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. . . in which I say THANK YOU GUYS for the snowflakes. Pretty snowflakes. :3 Thanks for thinking of me! <3

And in which I boggle that there's a Merlin denial comm. I mean, I never really get denial comms, generally, but Merlin? What's wrong with Merlin? It's a big giant love-fest, that show, how could anybody hate it or want to deny it?

Oh, fandom. You make me sad. Or, not really. Mostly, you just puzzle me.

Okay, let's do an "I love my show" exercise. Take the one show you watch that you love to hate--and admit it, you all have one--and tell me something in the comments that this show did right recently. I'll start:

Small spoiler for the latest House episode. )

Your turn! :D

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Merlin, House and SPN

  • Sep. 27th, 2009 at 11:41 PM
teyla: Calvin rejects the quality of network programming but still watches it. ([misc] c&amp;h television)
Good lord, Merlin. And here I was thinking it couldn't get any gayer than series 1. Although I did enjoy the minor spoiler ). Keep sparkling, shiny show. <3

I also caught up on House. I know, I said I wouldn't, but I couldn't resist the promise of spoilers ).

And, as I said, I also caught up on Supernatural. Ahahahahaha Jesus H. Christ. That show. Spoilers. )

Now, are there any other shows that I should catch up on?

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The Labyrinth of Gedref - Iconage

  • Nov. 30th, 2008 at 5:45 AM
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10 icons plus variations for yesterday's Merlin episode. I fiddled around with PS and the Gimp a little to make the icons look artsy, but I'm not sure how well I managed.

Post to comm y/n? )

Merlin 1x11

  • Nov. 29th, 2008 at 10:38 PM
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Once I heard someone say that fandom hasn't been the same since the last unicorn died.

Thank you, Merlin, for proving to be pure of heart and true of gayness, and resurrecting the last unicorn as a beacon of hope for all of fandom. The fangirls will be grateful forever more.


Teenage Failboat, Random Stuff

  • Nov. 22nd, 2008 at 10:30 PM
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For some reason I ended up seeking out songs I used to listen to as a kid on youTube. Great hilarity followed. Jesus, I had no taste as a kid.

The three highlights. Because, you know. Hilarity.

You want to know. You really do. (YouTube embedding.) )

So what are your most embarrassing secrets when it comes to what you listened to as a (pre-)teenager?

Summary of other more or less interesting things:

- If my icon confuses you, you are missing out. Their love is epic.

- I want this. Yes. Please. Master. This pastede-on hat shouldn't look so sexy.

- I watched The Devil's Whore, and apart from the Devil, who was just badly done, it's quite awesome. I burst out laughing every time someone called Simm Sexby, though. Why yes, I am five. Also, Sexby is so the Master. Such a hard-on for war, I was waiting for him to go tapping his fingers: da-da-da-dun. The main character is quite awesome as well, I like her a lot. Will watch again. (Oh, and and, most important: Guh.)

AND LOOK. SIMMY SIMM HAS A TAG NOW. I hope he knows what a privilege that is. So far, only the David has had an individual tag on this journal.

That's it, really. Will go watch Merlin now.
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Merlin is such a cute show! And slashier than gay sex; it's only the 4th episode, and Merlin has saved Arthur's life three times already. Arthur's got a few times to catch up, he only saved Merlin once so far, but that one time was a very tricky one. And there's a dragon! Quite a pointless dragon, but hey, I'm not complaining. Anyway, you should all watch it. :D

My internet cut out last night at 11.30 and didn't come back on until I went to bed. Guess why? We had fog. Apparently, they've got some sort of laser thing installed on the roof that distributes the connection, and when there's fog or heavy snowfall, it cuts out. Now, there's not a lot of snow in Southampton, but hello - we're next to the fucking sea. Of course there's gonna be fog! Using a set-up like this in a town situated at a coast line: NOT SO SMART. It's happened three times already, but both other times, the fog went away pretty quickly. I'm just hoping for a mostly fog-less winter now - and I am so out of here next year. No way I'm putting up with this shitty network for another year. >:(

I'll probably be going to Cardiff in December to see the Doctor Who exhibition. Good times! :D

Been catching up on those TV shows

  • Sep. 29th, 2008 at 12:49 AM
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I've spent the whole day watching TV and talking to no-one (except people on the internet). I almost feel like myself again! ;)

I have been watching

Black Books )

Supernatural )

Merlin )

House )

In other news, I hope the crazy going-out thing will settle down now that the actual lectures are about to start. I have my first one on Tuesday morning - I think it's 'Technologies of Broadcasting'. My other subjects are: Research for TV, History of TV, Introduction to TV Production with the subtopics 'Editing', 'Studio' and 'Single Camera', and come February, I'll be ditching History of TV for Writing for TV, which I am very much looking forward to. I do like my schedule a lot - I have Fridays and every other Monday off - and apparently, there won't be any exams in this course, only essays and presentations, which I do approve of a lot. So far, I'm quite happy with the way this is going.

Guys, I'm sorry I've been so absent lately. I know I haven't commented at all, but I do read the f-list - just today I spent two hours catching up with the last couple of days' entries. It's just that there's a lot going on - I've not been writing either, just because I've been so distracted with real life things. I'm sure this will change again once I've settled into a routine.

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