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  • Oct. 3rd, 2008 at 5:55 PM
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Hi, I'm not dead. Just really caught up in stuff.

Had my first week of actual lectures, which was interesting. I think I can say with certainty that my least favorite subject will be 'History of TV'. Good thing I can drop that one in February. I also did the 'Introduction to TV production - Editing' thing, and although they make us work with Macs (ick, blergh), it was fun! Because I actually kinda know what I'm doing ;). Video cutting - yes, done that before. :D

Weather here has now turned cold, not to say FREEZING, but at least it's not raining. I'm still terrifyingly social, hanging out with people all the time, which is unsettling but fun. The guy I met on one of my first days here - who is nice and sweet and a geek and loves Stephen King and TV shows and is on my course - has set up a DC++ network, which is awesome. His girlfriend turns out to be very easy to talk to. Those two are the people I'm mainly hanging out with, along with another girl from my course, who is still quite young, but fun company.

One thing I've realized is that what people always say about the UK is true - young people over here do drink a whole fucking lot. I don't mind, but it's interesting. Fewer young people here smoke, though, compared to Germany.

I have bought my ticket to Stratford for the 18th! So, so excited. Love's Labours' Lost and Hamlet, and all with David Tennant in the mix! This is gonna be fun.

People need to learn to read the user info pages before they post to comms. I've had so many people posting fic to GHL that was not written for a prompt. It says right there on the info page, PROMPT FIC ONLY. Please, people. We put that stuff there for a reason.

Oh and I've been watching Fringe! It's pretty bad, and can you say 'X-Files 2008'?, but it's strangely compelling. I'll see where it goes.

And apparently, they're re-doing Knightrider. Two episodes have already aired. I've never seen the original. Should I watch the new show? I admit to being intrigued.

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