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It's my birthday! I got stuff:

- a Kirk and a Spock action figure plus a hand-made card with Ten on it from [profile] wihluta
- the first season of QI plus a card from [profile] tli
- a card from [personal profile] hibernia1
- a shiny virtual cocktail from [personal profile] inlaterdays
- a notebook from my sister
- a book from my mom
- a call from my family
- several emails and facebook messages and texts and IMs from various internet and RL people

THANK YOU GUYS. <3 You are all awesome.

I didn't do much today--slept in till late and then went to the mall and spent a ridiculous amount of money on food. I'll probably celebrate some more with my family when I get home in early July.

In Twatlight news--this is all over fandom, and it's not only funny, but also really well edited:

Buffy vs. Edward--And then Buffy staked Edward. The End.

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Once More, With Feeling

  • Jun. 7th, 2009 at 1:53 AM
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So, some might remember my running commentary on Buffy, and that I'm not exactly the hugest fan of that show. HOWEVER.

Once More, With Feeling is a brilliant episode. Why? Because it's the show, condensed into 45 minutes, with no reservations. No trying to be deep or profound, no artsiness or over-complicating the characters. The scenes between the characters are the most touching in that episode because they're simple and straightforward, just like the show and the show's premise. I think it's the most honest Buffy episode, and that's why it's the best Buffy episode.

Also, Spike is just cute in it. First I’ll kill her, then I’ll save her/No, first I’ll save her, then I’ll kill her. Yeah, right, Spike. Keep talking. You'll never do it anyway. :3

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All packed.

  • Sep. 18th, 2008 at 2:08 AM
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I'm all packed. I think.

I probably forgot all the really important things. I've got a 20kg suitcase, a 10kg suitcase, a 10kg bag, and a 20kg parcel full of books that I will mail tomorrow. That's 60kg of stuff, and the worst thing is that my room here at my parents' place still looks pretty much the same - doesn't look like any of the stuff is missing, is what I mean. I really do have too much stuff.

I haven't watched House yet. Was it good?

I will go now and watch some Angel. Spike as a ghost = fun. Rest of the show = oh so boring. D:

ETA: My family did this whole goodbye-getting-together tonight (unplanned, at least they weren't telling me that they were planning it, lol), and they actually gave me stuff. A mug with a pic of me as a kid and a pic of our cat on it (my little brother gave me that one), and a t-shirt (my two sisters made that one). You know how there are all these insider jokes in families that no-one will get except the people who were there? My sisters took all our family insider jokes and movie and TV show lines that we frequently quote and put them together as one long text to give me advice for England, and printed it on a t-shirt. It's hilarious, and also very, very sweet. I just hope no-one will ever ask me to translate, because I'd be hopelessly lost. Lol xD.

ETA 2 (because I feel like it, okay? ;) Probably not dial-up friendly.):

James Marsters is hot. )

Buffy, final verdict

  • Sep. 16th, 2008 at 4:35 AM
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Okay, so I've now officially watched all of Buffy. Putting my ramblings under a cut.

My thoughts on Buffy, let me show you them. )

And thank you all very much for the recs in the last post! I'll answer to the comments, too, as soon as I've read a few more of those stories and can actually tell you which I liked best :).


Fic rec?

  • Sep. 13th, 2008 at 5:32 PM
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I've now watched Buffy up to 7x04, and I somehow have a feeling that there's not a whole lot going to happen in the rest of this season. So, it's fanfic time! I've looked around a little, but what I found on first glance was mostly not-so-interesting fic. I know that I don't really have any full-time Buffy fandom people on my f-list, but if you still have some links saved from back when you were into that fandom - rec me some fic, please?

I would mostly be interested in Xander/Spike. I also like Dru/Spike a lot - generally, I'm mostly interested in stuff involving Spike. I also saw a Bellatrix Lestrange/Drusilla fic somewhere, which sounds like an awesome pairing idea. Anyway, if you have some links, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks! :D

This is my post about the LHC

  • Sep. 11th, 2008 at 2:04 PM
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... in which I'm revealing how lol overinvested I am about this issue. People, stupid, stupid people, stop driving me insane! The LHC won't be creating black holes for a couple of months. When it starts doing that, the black holes will be TINY TINY TINY. Which means that even if the black holes turn out to be stable (which they won't - trust the Hawking, he knows what he's doing), it'll take them years to suck away the Earth.

I like this site. It provides all the info you need. Click here.

Other than that... not much going on. Well, much going on; nothing interesting though. I have now watched Buffy up to the middle of season 6, and urgh, death didn't do anything for Buffy's personality. Before she died, she was just dumb. Now she's dumb, cruel, hypocritical, dishonest and overall a mopey bitch. She needs to die in a fire. I kind of sort of get a little that she's uncomfortable with suddenly having developed a kinky side, but it's not okay to take it out on Spike, and it is so not okay to be all, 'oh, I'm totally okay with being kinky and into unhealthy relationships as long as I'm invisible and my friends will never find out'. How stupid, dumb and shallow is that?

Also, the bad guys this season - what the fuck is going on there? Nerd clichés ftl. I might not be completely objective about this, because I'm a huge nerd myself, but undifferentiated nerd clichés in TV shows are one of the things that completely turn me off. Just because I love physics and know how to say chocolate in Klingon doesn't mean I'm immature, selfish and irresponsible. One of the nerds in Buffy is a technical genius; he built a robot who walked and talked like a human and had an amazingly complex artificial intelligence. Put in the right place, this guy could save the world. But he never gets credit for that; his scientific genius isn't even acknowledged. It's all, 'you built yourself a robot girlfriend - YOU USELESS PERVERT!'.

Nerds are always being displayed as the dumb ones, which is so skewed, because actually, they're the intelligent ones. Social and popular people don't get laughed at and portrayed as negative characters just because they don't know what a matter wave is. Nerds, who can explain to you from memory how to derive the formula for matter waves, are the disliked or comic relief characters just because they have a hard time being social. And while the dumb popular chick always needs to get a reprieve - like Cordelia - the nerd cliché seems to be perfectly okay. It annoys me very much.

Er. Yeah. My thoughts on nerd stereotypes, let me show you them.

What's going on with you guys? I've been reading the f-list, but since I'm only getting around to checking it once a day atm, I'm usually speed-reading and not commenting much. But I'm around, so if there's some entry you expected me to comment on, let me know, please!


  • Aug. 29th, 2008 at 2:03 AM
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Today was my first day off after finishing the internship. Yay freedom! And I didn't get any panicky phone calls from the new intern who is now doing my job, which is good. I hope it'll stay that way.

I cut my hair about 20cm/8 inches, which makes it about waist-length. I should do something with my hair one of these days - I'm still playing with the idea of getting dreadlocks - but for now, it's just, you know. A little shorter. And there's still way too much of it.

I have the urge to write fic about Xander where he gets to be the hero. Because everyone's always so damn heroic and good and looking down on him because aw, he's just this cute, not too bright, completely normal guy who's usually the one that gets knocked out first. I want to write fic where Buffy and Giles and Oz and Willow just about choke on their goodness and selflessness and righteousness, and Xander gets to save the day. And I'd probably kill him off in the process just so the rest of the gang can feel really bad about themselves. Because they should.

There's something else that annoys me about the show: this black-and-white perception of good and evil. It's very clear especially in season 3 (which I've finished, btw): demons and non-humans of all kind are okay to kill, no matter if they're menacing, homicidal, or just a mediocre sort of petty and mean. But killing people is a big no-no, even if those people are the worst, most sociopathic killers ever (I'm thinking Faith here). Where's the logic in that?

Will not be around much for the next week, because I'm meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] wihluta in a place with limited internet access. You'll hear from me, though :).


  • Aug. 23rd, 2008 at 2:42 AM
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Buffy is driving me crazy.

Not the show, but the character. She's so dumb. Grar! I mean, she spends her life walking around killing vampires and other assorted monsters. She puts her life on the line every night she hunts on that cemetery. She was literally dead for a couple of minutes. I used to think that this whole near-death experience thing was supposed to make you mature.

Not so Buffy. She gets all fussy when she sees her (divorced!) mom kiss a guy. She loses her head about outfits. She gets bitchy when someone wants this job she has but hates. She spends night after night snogging a guy, but never goes anywhere with it. That's what's bugging me most atm, really. I mean, for at least three weeks they've been meeting every night to snog their brains out. You'd think it'd get boring after the third or forth night, wouldn't you? This is not how having a boyfriend/girlfriend works, is it? Seriously. Get on with it. (On the other hand, when she really has a problem that's getting her down, she doesn't go see him. So, what, he's only there for the snogging and the standing there and looking pretty? What a fulfilling relationship that must be.)

Bottom line, I just wish she'd grow up already. Yeah, she's 16, but she's not 11. When you're leading a life like she does, with lots of death and blood and fighting, you don't act like that at 16. Hell, you don't act like that at 14. Her character is not credible, and she's terribly annoying. The one thing that's saving her right now from me completely disliking her is that she looks hot when she's fighting.



  • Aug. 20th, 2008 at 3:28 AM
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So Spike's grand debut of evilness is... messing up a parent-teacher night? How degrading.

And how fitting.

Lol vampire anarchist. *smooches* This is gonna be fun! :D

Er, is there anyone reading this journal who hasn't seen Buffy yet? I feel a little silly spoiler-cutting for a 10-year-old show, but if there's anyone - lurker or friend - reading this who wishes I would, please tell me so, and I will.


Buffy, first impression

  • Aug. 18th, 2008 at 3:05 AM
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So I've watched the first seven episodes of Buffy. Urgh, this show is so weird. On the one hand, it hits a lot of my kinks - horror, scariness, action, humor - but on the other hand OH SO SQUICKY OMG! D:D:D:

I just don't get this High School thing. High School settings squick me out, because urgh. All this fretting about fitting in and obsessing about guys and should I wear this for my date and did that guy just look at me and am I popular or am I a loser and just gah. I don't know, I never did any of this shit in school. I hung out with my friends, I ignored the people I didn't like, I tried to avoid getting noticed by the teachers, and I obsessed about Star Trek and Aerosmith. When I went out, it was to meet my friends - I had three close ones - at some place for a drink and a chat. Those chats were usually dominated by the other girl in our group, and usually revolved around her obsessions with Hinduism, spiritualism and philosophy. Or, if the one of the two guys and me got to pick the topic, it was Star Trek. If the other guy got to pick the topic, it was history, archeology or Catholicism. So yeah, I was in the nerd faction, but I didn't care. I never even really thought about it. And I certainly never went on one of those classic date things where I had to fuss about what color lipstick I'd be wearing, or worried about my social life. So watching Buffy and seeing these High School kids trying so desperately to fit in just freaks me out.

The other squick in this first half of the first season is the Angel/Buffy relationship. Omg what. What what. Could he get hurt any more often just to have a reason to take off his clothes for Buffy to coo and worry and put a bandage on his booboo? Could he be any more "dark mysterious stranger"? I think I need him to lurk in the shadows some more, it's not quite coming across yet. And then the kissing - I don't know. I'm just not built for romance. Those kissing scenes actually squick me out. I'm like, nonononono don't do that. That's not hot or sexy, that's just - no. AND THE THING WITH THE CROSS AT THE END OF 1x07 OMG WHAT. WHAT. NO. DON'T DO THAT, PLEASE. THAT'S JUST - NO. NO NO NO.

Needs more Spike. Needs a lot more Spike. I just hope he won't let me down, because right now I'm tethering on the edge between deciding that the show is awesome fun with an icky romantic side plot that can be ignored, or just not wanting to watch any more of it because the sap is making me flail in helpless embarrassment.


Spike! :D

  • Aug. 16th, 2008 at 11:25 PM
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... so I think I might be developing a slight crush on Spike.

Not that I've watched any Buffy, ever, but [livejournal.com profile] svanderslice, with whom I exchanged hot man clips and pics on Yahoo yesterday, linked me to this. And OMG, it's an angry, emo, singing, trying-to-be-dramatic-but-only-managing-to-be-pathetic vampire! Who tries really hard to be evil, but doesn't quite manage, and has blond dyed hair. And wears a lot of black leather. And is played by James Marsters. ♥♥♥

I've spent most of the day watching Buffy/Spike sex clips vids on youTube, and I probably have the most skewed perspective ever of Spike now: the angry, misunderstood, too-jaded-to-be-properly-emo, too-invested-to-be-properly-evil vampire who spends most of his time either shirtlessly getting tortured, shirtlessly sexin' Buffy, or shirtlessly getting shoved around and punched by her. I will probably be sorely disappointed when I watch the show. But for now, I like my version of Spike - a lot.

Angel, on the other hand, makes me laugh. I watched a few episodes of Angel with [livejournal.com profile] neery a while back, and lulz. Moast failboaty show ever. It amused me greatly, though, because I was usually quite intoxicated when I watched it. Anyway, seeing Angel stumbling around in Buffy with his 'I cants b heppy or I gose ebul, so I haz a sad.' face makes me laugh a lot.

Check back with me once I've seen the show - maybe I'll like him then! Lol.


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