Single Father

  • Nov. 7th, 2010 at 6:58 AM
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So I just watched Single Father.

Almost no spoilers underneath. )

Also, I just dropped out of the role play comm! Because . . . they were accusing me of infomoding when all I was doing was not nerf my character into absolute incompetence in order to let a plot go ahead. Or, well, actually, they weren't accusing me. It was all very passive-aggressive and polite, as LJ RP tends to be. I'm not actually holding a grudge against most players at the comm, but it was just getting a drawn-out exercise in frustration. So I dropped! I should be around more now.

Also. Single Father. So much love. So much love. I may have to rewatch it tomorrow. Now that I've got time since I'm not RPing all day anymore.

Long Entry is Long

  • Jan. 30th, 2010 at 1:17 AM
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I kind of fail at posting lately, don't I? I've been twittering a lot; apparently I have finally unlocked the Secret of Twitter. It's kind of like being in a big chatroom with a bunch of people where nobody is really talking to one another, except when they are. Um. That made so much sense. Anyway, yeah. If you have a Twitter account and I'm not following you, let me know. If you want to follow me, I'm t_eyla over there same as on LJ.

My new uni trimester has started. Actually, it started last Monday already, but since I only have three classes a week, we haven't really done too much yet. My classes this term are Fiction Production, Producing TV and Studio Production. The latter two are my electives--they were both second choice, since my two first choices (Creating a Sitcom and Writing a Short Film) didn't run. But I'm still enjoying them quite a lot.

Uni babble. )

Good heavens, look at that wall of text. I surely have a lot to say on the topic of my uni classes, don't I? Granted, there's not much else going on. Went out with a couple of people the other night, and actually enjoyed myself. Maybe I should do this more often. And I've been reading Storm Front (1st Harry Dresden novel) for weeks now, but somehow that book is not managing to captivate me at all. I read a couple of pages and then put it down to do something else. I don't actively dislike it, I just find it very unsurprising and bland. Do the books get a little more daring later on?

In regards to fandom, um. Nothing going on there. Except [profile] dontwanttogo, the Doctor Who rewatch project. We've only watched one episode so far, but I'm enjoying it. It's something to look forward to every week, and it's a chance for me to talk a lot about the Doctor. I love talking about the Doctor. In case you didn't know that.

Oh, and the drama that is going on with [community profile] house_cuddy is ridiculous. I do have to say, if I were a bit more knowledgeable about all the intrinsic relationships going on there, I'd report it on f_w, because that mod is behaving in an absolutely absurd way, and I would love to see him mocked and laughed out of fandom. Well. I'm sure even if I don't, someone else will. It's such a classic case of a megalomaniac asshat mod getting butthurt and going on a murder deletion spree, f_w's not gonna miss out. And all this even though I was never even a member of that comm. The ship doesn't matter, though--asshattery on the internet is asshattery on the internet, no matter if it's sailing a het ship or steering a slash steamboat. (Look at all those pretty alliteration. :3)

Last but not least, I actually enjoyed 5x12 of SPN. It wasn't too offensive (not any more than any other show on television), and the funny actually won over the embarrassing and trainwrecky. I'm impressed. I do miss Castiel, though. He's probably off going through the heavenly filing cabinets and looking for God's cell phone number. Damn the man, he never checks his voice mail.

Okay, this is a very long entry now. I think I'll cut it off here before it gets any longer. What's up, f-list?

comment on LJ
teyla: Calvin rejects the quality of network programming but still watches it. ([misc] c&h television)
. . . in which I say THANK YOU GUYS for the snowflakes. Pretty snowflakes. :3 Thanks for thinking of me! <3

And in which I boggle that there's a Merlin denial comm. I mean, I never really get denial comms, generally, but Merlin? What's wrong with Merlin? It's a big giant love-fest, that show, how could anybody hate it or want to deny it?

Oh, fandom. You make me sad. Or, not really. Mostly, you just puzzle me.

Okay, let's do an "I love my show" exercise. Take the one show you watch that you love to hate--and admit it, you all have one--and tell me something in the comments that this show did right recently. I'll start:

Small spoiler for the latest House episode. )

Your turn! :D

comment on LJ

Random Update

  • Jul. 16th, 2009 at 12:45 AM
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HELLO LIVEJOURNAL. I LIVE. But I am a part of the working population now, and fuck. Getting up at 6am every day when you've gotten your body used to not going to bed before 3 at the earliest is fucking exhausting. I survived the last week on 4 hours' sleep a day, split up in two between 4 and 6am and another two after I got home around 4.30pm. And during the week-end, I met up with [personal profile] neery and didn't really get around to sleeping, either.

MY CRAZY SLEEPING SCHEDULE, LET ME SHOW YOU IT. Lots and lots of coffee was consumed.

Nothing exciting is happening. I have been keeping up with the f-list, even if I'm not commenting much. I finally caught up on comments; sorry about leaving that for, like, forever. My trip to the States is very very likely happening, if I don't do something really stupid in the next couple of months that will make me lose all the money I'm currently making. PEOPLE ON THE EAST COAST, let me know if you're around in late August/early- to mid-September! Right now, I'm planning to visit [profile] mind_the_tardis and probably [personal profile] euclase, if she'll have me. Oh, and [profile] svanderslice--after all, I need to tell you that Liam is beautiful. ;) Only if it's convenient for you, though, of course.

Anyway--more people around during that time? No matter where exactly you are, as long as it's the general north-east, let me know. I might be able to work something out.

Oh, and I bought webspace. :D Finally! I've been wanting to do this for, well, years. I got a 1GB package at Vox Populli with 15GB traffic per month. It should suffice, I think. The domain will be, because some asshat reserved all rosettastoned versions. B| Anyway, webspace~ Fannish and slash-friendly. Can't be a bad idea, can it?

When I was at [personal profile] neery's, she showed me a Pros vid to a song called Detachable Penis. It was hilarious, so I went online to find it. I did so here. I also found out that it's a vid from 1997. Nineteen-ninety-seven, guys! Windows '98 era. No WMM, only VCR players and tapes. Seriously, compared to some of the crap people upload to youTube these days and call a fanvid, this is genius. I really don't want to know how much work it took to make it, though. >_>

Anyway, fandom vintage. Go take a look, if you feel like it. You don't need to know anything about Pros--the show or the fandom.

And that's me out of things to say. No, wait, one more thing. House fandom needs to stop wanking. I know that it's no use telling my f-list that, because all you guys know that anyway. But seriously, I'm out of the fandom and it's still infiltrating my fannish circles. That's some major wankery going on there. And it's all so damn vicious that it isn't even funny. :| Everybody remember now--fandom is fucking funny, okay?

comment on LJ

Meh, SPN.

  • Apr. 4th, 2009 at 12:14 AM
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Okay, so, SPN? I lol'ed, but then I thought, well. No. Actually, no. Not cool.

Spoilers for 4x18 )

Reasons I'm glad I'm a multishipper #21342

  • Mar. 9th, 2009 at 5:37 AM
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Guys... I just don't get ship wars.

I was just reading this Heroes wank at fandom_wank, in which some butthurt kid is whining about her fic not getting any comments or something. In one comment of the wank, someone, in all seriousness, made this statement:

"In our infancy the Mattmo ship felt very persecuted."

... what? This just does not compute. I don't get it. How can you feel persecuted about shipping a set of fictional characters? What happened? Did evil fandom burn down Mattmo comms and grill Molly in a giant wok? Did they locate Mattmo shippers and go to their houses and eat all their chocolate? Did they put contracts out on Mattmo shippers' parents? Just... what?

I know. Old meme is older than Methuselah, but I really, really, really don't get how you can honestly and seriously write a sentence like that and don't feel completely and absolutely silly. Fiction and reality. Remember the difference?

Besides, there's only one true ship, anyway. *pets the TARDIS*

In other news, I saw Watchmen last night. It was good! I enjoyed it. And I think I finished my D/M genderfuck ficlet. Expect fic in the near future!
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Today, I scrolled through the current [ profile] fandomsecrets post, and was rather amused when I first came across this secret, and then, not five secrets down there was this one.

So... the Eight fans are now complaining that the Nine fans are complaining that the Ten fans are complaining that David is leaving after 3 seasons? Oh, DW fandom. You try so hard, but you never quite manage the whole wank thing.

I think I might be getting a little sick. Not snot-all-over-the-place, cannot-move-everything-hurts sick, but more the not-quite-sick-enough-to-stay-home-without-a-guilty-conscience kind of sick. (That's still not very sick. I don't have a very strong conscience when it comes to skipping uni.) Ah well. Will have to go in tomorrow and Thursday, anyway, though, because tomorrow I'm meeting with people for a presentation I have to do on Thursday. I just hope they'll have their stuff together, because I'll have to put together the slide presentation, and I don't want to have to do that sometime after the last idiot sent me their stuff Wednesday night at 9 p.m..

Being on a media course is awesome insofar that they don't really care about your content. If you put a lot of shiny things like video clips into your presentation, they think you're really cool and give you high marks, even if your content is obviously Wikipedia'd. I approve.

Stupid girl I posted about here is still being exceptionally stupid. The presentation I have to do with her is Tuesday next week. I suggested we meet up Thursday to talk it through. She said she only has time on Wednesday - the one day of the week when we have uni for half the day. I told her no can do, since I got the other presentation to work out. Turns out she doesn't have time from Thursday to Monday, though - she always goes home over the weekends.

Well, missy. You might just have to not go see Mommy and Daddy for once. I can't do Wednesday, and I'm not leaving this till fucking Tuesday (as she suggested). DIAF, seriously.

I'm still flaily about Einstein and Eddington. That was such a lovely movie. If David's leaving DW to do more of this sort of stuff, I can only approve. :D

More Ten Support, Uni, Nano

  • Nov. 6th, 2008 at 4:10 PM
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I have decided to give modding at [ profile] ten_support a try. Lol inorite. But this means I can now modslap anyone who annoys me. Mwahahaha. (I keep saying things like that, but I've never actually had to ban anyone from any of the comms or sites I've modded so far. Lucky me, I guess. There are so many twats out there on the internet - any and all present company excluded, hobviously.)

We've put a 24 hour lock on the comm and are currently working on a proper set of rules and a layout for [ profile] ten_support, and I'm hoping we'll be able to contain the woez and negativity a little when we go live again.

OMG GUYS I SLEPT FOR 12 HOURS. Body sez: stupid hooman, metabolizm needs da sleep. And apparently, I should always be sleep-deprived while vidding. You know that class I went to yesterday morning? It was an editing class (they actually let you make vids on uni time; I'm like, lolz too good to be true :D), and we were vidding a 40 second music sequence. The footage consisted of pretty pretty sailing boats doing a race, and we could pick our own music. I went with UNIT Rocks from the DW s4 soundtrack and cut it down to 40 seconds (well, 47 seconds). My vid ended up being all ~*dramatic*~ with the womenz crying and kissing their men goodbye before the men went to face the ~*dangers of the sea*~. Lol misogynist. But the footage had no womenz being kissed goodbye by their boys, and I think it was the male sailing teams doing the race, so, yeah.

Anyway, I'm not quite done with the vid yet - I'm missing about 10 seconds - but when it's done I'll try to render and steal it and upload it to youTube, because I'm liking it. And I will make all of you watch it! Oh yes! :D

I should go and do Nano now. My schedule says I need 1011 words today; that should be doable. The Doctor needs to get out of that cell. I'm with RTD on that: having him locked up is just boring.

Look at Donna's boobies. Aren't they pretty? Everyone on the internet should learn of the importance of boobies at an early age.

Ten Support, Obama, Nano

  • Nov. 5th, 2008 at 8:24 PM
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Alright, so [ profile] ten_support was a short and failed experiment for me. I'm sad David's leaving, but I'm so bad at keeping my mouth shut when people come up with theories about how he was bullied out of the role by the show runners - what? Seriously, what? He's a money making machine; I'm sure they offered him shitloads of money to stay. - and when they're so sensitive about the subject that you can't even mention Eleven without some of them breaking down crying.

I hope this won't affect the decision of the two people who I met over at [ profile] ten_support to friend me. I would love to still have you on my f-list and get to know you better. I am mostly leaving the community because I don't want to aggravate anyone over there with my not entirely negative perception of David's decision to leave the show. Apparently, it's just not the place for me, at least not while emotions are still running as high as they are. Rock on, though, you guys. Ten deserves all the love he can get. ♥

Oh, and [ profile] x_bluerose_x, I'd still be up for making that layout if you want me to. Just let me know :).

Last night, I pulled my first real all-nighter since... well, since Stratford last month, I guess. Lol. It was worth it, though. I'm loving all the hope and the love that is spreading throughout LJ, and I am so hoping that this will bring the change to the American people that they are so obviously hoping for. I've always loved the States for what they originally stand for - unity, equality, solidarity - and I'm so happy that you guys once more proved that those values are still in there somewhere. Go USA! :D

I think I will skip on the nano'ing today. According to my schedule, I'm supposed to be writing 1230 words today, but I'm 1535 words in the plus, and my brain is mush. So, for you guys on the nano filter - no update today. This will give you a chance to catch up with what I have so far! *subtle pimpage is oh so very subtle*

Cryptic post is cryptic.

  • Aug. 25th, 2008 at 3:16 AM
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Remember how people were trying to crucify me for saying that this would happen? Well, guess what, it did happen.

I can't say I'm surprised, but I can't say I'm glad I was proved right. It would have been so nice if I'd been wrong.

*goes to watch more Buffy*

Blergh Summer Hiatus

  • Aug. 2nd, 2008 at 12:24 AM
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I want fandom to be fun! *stomps foot*

I've only got myself to blame. I've been reading too much wank. You know how it goes; you're reading it and having a great time mocking the wankers, and suddenly you start to see all the venom and the hate and the awfulness, and you need to keep reading anyway, because people got up to this shit? Seriously? How much crazy is there in fandom? Is there anything but crazy in fandom? And how long does this go on? Jesus. (For the record, I've been reading Ms. Scribe's unauthorized fandom biography and other vintage Potter wank. Jesus fuck, that fandom was nuts.)

ANYWAY. I've decided that fandom needs to be fun again. If you agree, leave me a comment telling me five fannish things that make you happy. Or leave me a comment about something else that expresses the awesomeness of fandom. Or just leave me a comment about random things. IT'S ALL GOOD, as long as there's no venom. Lol. xD

My list of fannish awesomeness. )
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Okay, guys. I was gonna write you a post full of ironic and dry statements, and I still would like to, really, because it's just so tempting, but I don't think it would be productive. Instead, I'll be commenting on [ profile] madwriter223's entry and will try to clarify where exactly information went tits-up and turned this into what it has become. As soon as I'm done writing my reply, I'll link it.

ETA: Here it be. [LOCKED AT THE MOMENT. [ profile] madwriter223 locked it without considering that I'm not on her flist and won't be able to access it if it's locked. I sent her a PM, I hope she'll unlock it soonish.]

ETA 2: Hohkay, apparently, she felt that locking down her entry was the right thing to do, so that people will be left wondering what the hell actually went down, and will end up making wild assumptions about both of us. Whatever. I am going to repost my reply under a cut, since I don't want to explain this over and over to people coming into this wank late.

Some major tl;dr to be found under the cut. )

This is me done with this wank, guys. Feel free to leave me any comments you want, but I won't be replying unless I can see any chance at a rational discussion. Moving on to my regular routine now! :)

One last ETA 29/07/08: [ profile] madwriter223 and I were able to sort this out. I would like to thank her for taking the time to listen.

Knock knock, who's there?

  • Jul. 25th, 2008 at 2:36 AM
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Guys guys guys!

Julia_Bohemian is back!

[ profile] californiaquail <= Be sure to check out the profile.

She commented on my entry about the fan history wiki wank. In a wanky way, of course. She then proceeded to send me PMs in which she accused me of 'torturing' people, and once again told me that she is too old to understand the internet. She also told me - again - that she has kids. Did you guys know that? J_B actually has kids. I don't think she ever mentioned them before. /sarcasm

But apparently she thinks I'm worth an effort, because she appealed to my intelligence and my morals by telling me to stop acting like a kid and to think about myself and how I treat other people.

Oh honey. I've missed you.

The Saga so far:

08/08/07 - Volume Six

08/07/07 - Volume Five

08/07/07 - Volume Four

07/26/07 - Volume Three

07/24/07 - Volume Two

07/19/07 - Volume One

Unpleasant Wankety Wank

  • Jul. 23rd, 2008 at 12:08 PM
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The fan history wiki wank which has been building up for a while is starting to go down.

Smarter people than me have posted about this, so I'm linking to their posts:

- first one by [ profile] ignazwisdom, whose post was the first I read about this;
- second one by [ profile] astolat, who probably knows best of all what she's talking about, being in the position that she is;
- and last one by [ profile] ithiliana, who gives a lot of background info.

Some personal notes on this issue. )

New Who - The Gay Agenda of Rassilon

  • Jun. 15th, 2008 at 4:44 PM
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Sorry for the double post, but this just in:

Who Wank Still Pwns Everything

Some dimwit made a post at [ profile] doctorwho about whether or not RTD is pushing a 'gay agenda' in New Who. Actually, the dimwit wasn't the person who posted (although, you know, dimwitty enough, stirring the shit like that), but the people who commented with OMG YES RTD IS TRYING TO TURN US ALL GAY D:.

Some wankery starts in the thread, and comments start to become slightly homophobic in a very backhanded way. Then, the mighty modhammer of Rassilon descends and one of the [ profile] doctorwho mods makes a post that essentially amounts to: "Anyone who doesn't up the shut fuck and keeps insisting on taking this whole gay agenda thing seriously will get their asses B&." (The post is locked, here's the link for members.)

The thing that makes all of this so awesome? The angry mod post got more than two pages of IAWTP&ILU comments.

♥ Who fandom, never change.

ETA: Links to lol at:
- Simm!Master: pushing the Gay Agenda DOWN UR THROAT
- Gay Agenda Bingo Board (Warning for terrible MS Paint color contrasts of death.)
- So River Song is bi. (small SPOILERS for 4x08/09)
- Adorable macro is adorable.

AIM Conversation

  • Jun. 5th, 2008 at 6:27 PM
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Fandom: SRS BSNZ )

Folks, I'm so sorry for the spam. I'm just rly rly bored today D:.


  • Jun. 2nd, 2008 at 9:48 PM
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Holy fuck, you guys, if you haven't done so yet, go read the new lj_policy post. Unexpected sanity is unexpected. Almost as unexpected as expected naked Jack.

Also, my boss is quitting in mid-June, and they want me to completely take over the organization of the live show and the website.

o.O You think I should ask for a pay raise?


  • May. 30th, 2008 at 10:17 PM
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[ profile] legomymalfoy HAS WON THE ELECTION!

This makes up for the shitty day I had at work. Yay fandom. *does a little dance of victory*

Thanks to everyone who took time to vote! :)

ETA: LOL DRAMA. Stupid [ profile] jameth-supporter is stupid. The other person makes sense until s/h/it starts talking about leaving websites. Btw, I didn't find that elusive platform, either. The link in the candidate list only goes to his election tag in his journal. Did any of you find it?

ETA 2: Mwahahaha. Lame tl;dr macro is lame.

ETA 3 (last one, I promise): I am disappointed by the lack of drama this post provides. Anyway, reading through the comments, it becomes glaringly obvious how little sense most of the anti-LMM arguments make.

First case in point )

Second case in point )


  • May. 27th, 2008 at 4:54 PM
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Slow day at work, so I took at a look at this whole business with the LJ Advisory Board elections*.

Since I'm coming in rather late with my pimping post, I'm not gonna repeat what everybody else already said about this. Fact is that [ profile] jameth was on a very strong position until fandom weighed in and voted for [ profile] legomymalfoy a lot (there are other candidates, but by now none of them really have a chance of winning).

[ profile] jameth is not a member of fandom, [ profile] legomymalfoy is. Since I'm a member of fandom, I want a fandom representative on the Advisory Board; that was reason enough for me to give [ profile] legomymalfoy my vote. It doesn't help, though, that [ profile] jameth is basing his campaign mostly on the concept of LJ ELECSHIUNS LULZ, is condescending and ignorant about fandom issues (read his journal for proof of this) and has a couple of dubious rumors about him floating around the net. (One thing I heard was that he or his friends hacked a board of epilectics to put up a huge quickly-flashing graphic. I really don't know how much of this is true, but most of the rumors are of this nature, and his sense of humor does seem to tend to be of this kind.)

Anyway. Here's [ profile] legomymalfoy's election post, here's [ profile] jameth's. Here's a list of all candidates with links to their election posts.

Go here to vote. You'll be asked to make a first, second and third candidate choice. If you're just looking for fannish members, that would be [ profile] legomymalfoy, [ profile] rm and [ profile] vichan.

*In case you haven't heard about this, here's a short run-down: in the face of a lot of disgruntled users who felt they were being left out of the loop, the LJ overlords decided a while back to create a so-called LJ Advisory Board made up of users which they would consult about major site decisions - which they didn't, at least not on the issue of the basic accounts, but it was the idea. Anyway, this election is now about finding a user representative of the 'western' part of the user base to join this board.

ETA: Jesus fucking H. Christ, people, what the hell are you spamming my tiny, completely fannish, and completely unimportant journal for? I made a statement about the election because I like bandwagons, and, yes, because I think [ profile] jameth is a jerk. You'll accomplish nothing by spamming my post with anonymous comments and random sockpuppet statements, because I already voted, and most of my f-list did, too. I doubt very much anyone around here will change their minds just because you link to some random post on somebody's journal. If you have a problem with what I said here, confront me about it; I do love a good debate. If you don't have the guts to make your point openly on this journal, contact me via email or the LJ PM service. Don't spam, though. It's not exactly a good way to back up your argument.

Indie, Wank, Anecdote

  • May. 24th, 2008 at 12:26 AM
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So I went to see the Indiana Jones movie tonight...

Spoilers )

Life on Mars made fandom_wank! *wipes tear from eye* It's like seeing your kid accepting their graduation diploma. And imagine that, the wank that did it was not about the American LoM version! Life on Mars is being haunted by a wanker/troll who's about as amusing as julia_boohoo, but not as frustrating. Go read the funny!

When I was on the train back home from the movie theater, there was this mom with two kids sitting across from me. The kids, two girls, were both maybe 13 or 14, and were recounting anecdotes about their time in kindergarden. One story was about how one of the girls had enough pumpkin soup to almost puke and then ran full-tilt into a door, all because one of the kindergarden teachers told her that eating pumpkin soup gave you the ability to walk through walls. I had to hold my breath so as not to burst out laughing right there on the train.

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