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teyla ([personal profile] teyla) wrote2015-12-20 11:50 pm

Dreamwidth Commenting

This journal is a mirror of my Dreamwidth journal at http://teyla.dreamwidth.org. On this journal, the comments on old posts are on. On more recent posts, they are off. All posts with disabled comments have a reply link to Dreamwidth at the bottom; if you would like to comment, please do so on Dreamwidth.

If you do not have a Dreamwidth account, these are your options:
    Anonymous comments are on at my Dreamwidth journal. If you would like to reply to an unlocked post, you can do so anonymously on DW and sign your comment with your LJ user name.

    You can use your Dreamwidth OpenID to access my locked/filtered posts on Dreamwidth. You can find more info about OpenID here. If you have a DW openID and you're on my f-list on LJ, I will have added your openID to my access circle on DW. If you didn't use to have an openID, but created one in order to comment on one of my locked entries, please send me a PM on either LJ or DW and let me know. I will add your openID to my circle, and you will be able to access my locked/filtered posts on DW.

    . . . you can always ask me for a Dreamwidth invite. I usually have a bunch of invite codes which I'm more than happy to give out. Just drop me a comment to this post including your email address, and if I currently have codes to give out, I'll send you one.

Thank you for putting up with me! Any more questions, please comment on this post. I'll do my best to answer them.

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