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Second Attempted Return of the Teyla

... as indicated in the title?

I'm so fed up with Tumblr, so I'm trying a renewed attempt at returning to LJ. :D?

Who's still active here? My reading list has a few recent updates, so it doesn't seem to be a complete wasteland ... what is everyone up to?

/awkwardly offers cookies and tea

I guess it makes sense to add an update here!

In professional real life news, I'm kind of in a limbo state after quitting my job at a film distributor. I'm still in the phase of enjoying being unemployed (I have unemployment insurance so I don't need to worry too much about money, which is nice), and am seriously considering quitting the media industry. My experiences with Hollywood were Not Good, to say the least.

Right now, the plan is to apply for a three-year training to be certified as a midwife. A women-controlled industry with shift work (which I prefer), very little office work (which I also prefer), and ample opportunities to work free-lance (which, considering the experiences of the past few years, I also prefer) sounds pretty good right now. I'll see where that goes.

Personal real life news involve a GF whom I moved in with in May. It's going well! We have about equally high (very high) needs of personal space and independence, and I'm quite happy to say that we've managed to stay on the same page so far. We've been dating for roughly two to three years at this point. Knock on wood.

Fannishly, I spent a lot of time in SPN fandom, trying to enjoy it despite the show's continued decline into absolute awfulness and Tumblr SPN fandom's penchant for The Discourse. I was semi-successful and managed to produce the following fanworks:

Dean Winchester Is a Douchebag
Early season 11 sort-of fix-it fic with some Dean/Cas vibes. About 10k words, PG.

Hamburger is Not a German Word
Explicit Dean/Cas high school AU with a twist, in which Cas is German and Dean is an American exchange student. About 44.5k words.

Fanart for Kleos
Fanart for a 2016 DCBB military AU with Dean as an army ranger and Cas as a war correspondent. I have to admit that I can't really recommend the fic, but arting for it was fun nonetheless.

Non-SPN fanworks I've produced:

Earlier this month, I FINALLY managed to finish a Ten/Simm!Master vid that I started to edit in 2010. You can find it here on AO3.

I wrote Jessica Jones for Yuletide: Proxemics, a Jessica/Trish post-season 1 fic of ~15k words, PG-13

And I produced an anthropomorfic Yuletide treat about languages. ~1.3k words.

To my own huge surprise, I've stumbled into Sherlock fandom! I know all of Sherlock fandom hated The Final Problem, but I watched it with zero expectations and was completely blindsided by Holmescest. It's an excellent episode for Holmescest. Mycroft is my new favorite inept fake human. I may be writing fic. If you're into this fandom AT ALL, please do feel free to talk to me about it! :D

That's also where Mary Morstan as my new default icon comes from. She's my hero and IL her. <3

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