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Second Attempted Return of the Teyla

... as indicated in the title?

I'm so fed up with Tumblr, so I'm trying a renewed attempt at returning to LJ. :D?

Who's still active here? My reading list has a few recent updates, so it doesn't seem to be a complete wasteland ... what is everyone up to?

/awkwardly offers cookies and tea

I guess it makes sense to add an update here!

In professional real life news, I'm kind of in a limbo state after quitting my job at a film distributor. I'm still in the phase of enjoying being unemployed (I have unemployment insurance so I don't need to worry too much about money, which is nice), and am seriously considering quitting the media industry. My experiences with Hollywood were Not Good, to say the least.

Right now, the plan is to apply for a three-year training to be certified as a midwife. A women-controlled industry with shift work (which I prefer), very little office work (which I also prefer), and ample opportunities to work free-lance (which, considering the experiences of the past few years, I also prefer) sounds pretty good right now. I'll see where that goes.

Personal real life news involve a GF whom I moved in with in May. It's going well! We have about equally high (very high) needs of personal space and independence, and I'm quite happy to say that we've managed to stay on the same page so far. We've been dating for roughly two to three years at this point. Knock on wood.

Fannishly, I spent a lot of time in SPN fandom, trying to enjoy it despite the show's continued decline into absolute awfulness and Tumblr SPN fandom's penchant for The Discourse. I was semi-successful and managed to produce the following fanworks:

Dean Winchester Is a Douchebag
Early season 11 sort-of fix-it fic with some Dean/Cas vibes. About 10k words, PG.

Hamburger is Not a German Word
Explicit Dean/Cas high school AU with a twist, in which Cas is German and Dean is an American exchange student. About 44.5k words.

Fanart for Kleos
Fanart for a 2016 DCBB military AU with Dean as an army ranger and Cas as a war correspondent. I have to admit that I can't really recommend the fic, but arting for it was fun nonetheless.

Non-SPN fanworks I've produced:

Earlier this month, I FINALLY managed to finish a Ten/Simm!Master vid that I started to edit in 2010. You can find it here on AO3.

I wrote Jessica Jones for Yuletide: Proxemics, a Jessica/Trish post-season 1 fic of ~15k words, PG-13

And I produced an anthropomorfic Yuletide treat about languages. ~1.3k words.

To my own huge surprise, I've stumbled into Sherlock fandom! I know all of Sherlock fandom hated The Final Problem, but I watched it with zero expectations and was completely blindsided by Holmescest. It's an excellent episode for Holmescest. Mycroft is my new favorite inept fake human. I may be writing fic. If you're into this fandom AT ALL, please do feel free to talk to me about it! :D

That's also where Mary Morstan as my new default icon comes from. She's my hero and IL her. <3
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It's great to see you back on LJ/Dreamwidth, [personal profile] teyla! :-) I never made the move to Tumblr, so I've remained pretty active on LJ. Okay, I don't post every day, but I usually post at least a couple of times a month and I do keep up with my flist. In any case, I hope you enjoy being back here. :-)

I'm unemployed at the moment too, though not by choice. I was laid off in December. My company paid for career counselling, so I've been attending various workshops, etc. I admire you for wanting to try something completely new. I think it would be awesome if you became a midwife! :-)

Congratulations on moving in with your GF! It sounds like things are going really well! :-)

I wish you had stumbled into the Sherlock fandom when I was at the height of my obsession. After watching "The Final Problem," I was done with the show. Ironically, I had started reading Sherlock fic again after watching "The Six Thatchers" and I find I'm still reading it. So far I've avoided reading anything set after "The Final Problem," but there's been a bit of Mystrade that has been tempting me. I seem to bounce back and forth between Mystrade and Sherstrade. In case you couldn't tell, Lestrade is my favourite character on the show. *g* Anywaaaaaaay, it's great that you were able to find Sherlock. There are people who didn't despise "The Final Problem," so the fandom will probably remain active.
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[personal profile] rusty_armour 2017-01-20 12:48 am (UTC)(link)
I'm sorry to hear you got laid off! That's a very different (and suckier) kind of being unemployed than having quit for personal reasons. Do you think you're going to stay in the same field, or are you considering changing your professional orientation?

I think I probably will stay in the same field. I've thought about it and I can't think of another career that really interests me. If I can't get a job in the publishing field then I'm hoping I can apply my current skills and knowledge to another job.

I read a review on Tumblr that suggested Eurus being the manifestation of Sherlock's internal conflict rather than an actual character, which made the episode's plot slightly more tolerable. It's here, in case you're interested.

Oh, thank you! I'm really looking forward to reading this review. Maybe it will actually make me feel better about Sherlock -- not that it's actually possible for me to feel worse! *g*
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[personal profile] thelibraniniquity 2017-01-20 04:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello you! It's lovely seeing you posting again! I lurk epically in some parts of tumblr but LJ is where I'm still mainly active, even though it doesn't look like it.

Becoming a midwife sounds like a good long term plan? Especially if it will suit how you want to work. I hope you find something like that that you really want to do! And also yay for your relationship and moving in together :)

I stopped watching Sherlock after s2. Not sure why, just drifted away with the long hiatus, I think. I've tried lots of different shows over the last few years, but aside from expanding my fic reading horizons I haven't found anything for a while that's made me want to write all the things. I have been on a bit of a movie binge lately, slowly working through things people tell me I should have watched. It was the Alien series last week, the first two of those were fantastic.
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The fun part is I don't even have my own tumblr account. I just have several various blogs bookmarked and go through them every now and again ;)

That's all very true. There's a lot of potential freedom with that kind of qualification - and that was my first thought as well, that you seem to be coming back in that direction! But as long as you're doing what works for you that's the most important thing.

Aliens (the second one) was fantastic. I could take or leave the third and fourth, but that's just my opinion!

I've seen and heard a lot of mixed opinions of s3 onwards of Sherlock, which is probably why I never really got back into it. I want to be a bit excited and optimistic about the things I watch, especially lately. I might still binge watch everything at some point. It was morbid curiosity that made me sit down and watch the Alien films, and will get me to watch the Star Wars series with a friend soon, it might even get me back watching Sherlock at some point too. I do envy you the obsession though :)
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[personal profile] pulangaraw 2017-01-21 06:47 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm around... every now and then when I turn on the laptop. (I mostly do stuff on the iPad these days and I hate the LJ app so I avoid it)

Still resisting Sherlock. Catching up on Elementary in what I assume is a subconscious battle against watching the trainwreck. ;)

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Oh, dang, you talking about your job reminded me that you wanted me to contact my friend for you. I actually did that in December (cough, took me long enough). Do you still want her contact info?

Being a midwife is an amazing job, but aren't you worried that so many midwives currently have to give up their job because they can't afford the insurance anymore? Not that more midwives aren't always needed, but the legal situation is currently terrible for them.

Nonetheless, I think your temperament is well suited for being a midwife. I think it's a really good choice for you.

Those fanworks all sound interesting, I'll try to check them out this week.