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Yuletide 2011

Dear Yuletide Author,

hello! Thank you for writing for me. :3 And thank you for making the effort to come here and take a look at my letter; I really do appreciate it.

Quick general overview of my fic likes and dislikes!

Likes: Love dramedy and realistic slice-of-life stuff. Love bittersweet endings, don't mind deathfic. Am ambiguous on fluff--it can be fun, but only if there's enough drama to balance it out. Love situational humor, especially if it's used to break up an otherwise tragic scene and underlines the emotional impact of what is happening. Love explicit fic, love BDSM to any level of kink, love intense, antagonistic relationships ('frenemies'). The thing that's most important to me, in fic, is character focus and character exploration. If there's decent character exploration, the fic can be pretty much about anything, I'll always enjoy it.

Dislikes: Improper spelling and grammar, imprecise personal pronoun referencing (I'd rather have the names used a large amount of times than everything being "he"), POV changes within a scene, characterization being compromised to serve the plot, character bashing of any kind, sexism or misogyny of any sort, generally characters displaying any sort of privilege without that being addressed critically. (If you want to address it critically, however, characters getting called out on their privilege would make me very happy.) Oh, and I'm not a fan of genderswitch.


Optional Details:
Hamlet/Horatio: Horatio watches Hamlet's erratic behavior and ends up not being sure himself if Hamlet's pretending or really going crazy. He decides to do something about it, but his decision comes just a little too late. If that doesn't work for you, I'm flexible--explicit fic, character study, pairing profile fic, any of those works for me.

My favorite way to interpret the characters is taking them from the 2008 RSC production with David Tennant and Peter De Jersey, with their relationship being mostly a teenage/young adult friendship, just as I prefer to examine the play from a character rather than a plot perspective. But really, any Horatio/Hamlet will work for me. (I also like Gertrude a lot, so if you have a soft spot for her and would like to work her in, that would be more than absolutely okay.)

Doctor Who RPF

Optional Details
David Tennant/Catherine Tate: They never thought that anything more than friendship would work between them. -- Catherine Tate/Alex Kingston: Awesome-lady-on-awesome-lady action. -- Catherine Tate/Alex Kingston/Karen Gillan: You've got a lot to learn about being a woman in show business, Karen. -- Catherine Tate/Alex Kingston/David Tennant: Alex and Catherine both like to take charge in bed. David loves submitting to strong women. Combine the two, and you get an inevitable bondage threesome.

I'm a huge David Tennant fan and love him with Catherine Tate. I always see their real-life relationship to be more of a friendship than a romantic relationship, so if you want to write friendship fic between the two, that would absolutely work for me. If you want to write pairing fic, I'd love it if it could take an angle of neither of them ever having thought a romantic thing would work out between them. Or fuckbuddy friendship. That would work for me, too.

Catherine Tate and Alex Kingston are both incredible, so femslash with those two would be A+. I have a bit of an issue with the sexism in the last two Doctor Who seasons. If you do as well, working that into the fic would be very interesting to me. If you also agree that Karen Gillan seems to be regrettably unaware of the issues people feel to be present in the portrayal of her character, a Tate/Kingston/Gillan threesome with Tate and Kingston explaining feminism to Gillan would be absolutely up my alley. If none of that works for you, I'd also be up for some simple, straightforward lady-on-lady action--porn, or just friendship or bonding fic. I'm not hugely interested in Karen apart from the aforementioned idea, so if you'd rather leave her out, that would be okay with me; although if you really like writing her, working her in could be interesting, too.

From a purely PWP-ish perspective, BDSM fic about Kingston and Tate joining up to top Tennant would be very much relevant to my interests. Would love a playful, D/s angle without too much edge play, in this scenario.

Single Father

Optional Details:
Dave/Rita. Dave: "We tried for a baby for Paul, we'd only just started--and she goes AWOL for six weeks." How did that work? Did Rita leave Lucy with Dave? Did Dave end up taking care of Lucy, the way he ends up taking care of all their children when Rita dies? How does that experience tie in with the events of the series? I'd also love some more about Rita, what she really thought of Dave, how their relationship worked for her.

If you would like to focus on something other than that quote, I'd be happy with fic about how Rita and Dave met, how Dave "pursued" Rita, how maybe there were other crises during their relationship, and how they dealt with them. I don't have a problem with deathfic, so a fic that would tie those events into the series in a flashback-y sort of way would absolutely work for me. I also really have a soft spot for Tanya, and Rita was apparently the person who made Dave get back into contact with her. I'd be very happy with fic about that, as well.

That was a lot of text! If you already have an idea you'd like to go with, ignore me and write whatever it is you've come up with. I'm sure I'll love it, either way. :)

Good luck! <3

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