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teyla ([personal profile] teyla) wrote2011-07-11 11:48 pm
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Torchwood Miracle Day Episode 1

Aw. That was adorable.

Started a little slow, but then, if you have a ten episode arc, the first episode is hardly going to be plot packed. I could see RTD going YAY I HAVE A HELICOPTER IN MY BUDGET. You know he always wanted to do those crazy beach car-helicopter chase shots in Doctor Who. And ended up having to do them with a cab and the TARDIS. Which was fun, too.

<3 Mekhi Phifer. He always ends up playing these doofy, American WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON I SHOOT THINGS FIRST AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER kind of cop characters. It's sort of adorable. "I gotta pay for this bridge?" "Wales is insane." I could see RTD poking fun at Wales in a really-I-love-you kind of way. It was cute. Also, "I'm extraditing this Torchwood thing to the United States. Now get me home." Soooo RTD. Man, I've missed his writing.

Very little Barrowman! Can't say I had a problem with that. And awwww Eve Myles and Kai Owen; Gwen and Rhys. So adorable. Gwen putting ear muffs on her kid before she went and shot up that helicopter. Gotta love details like that. Captain Jack Bollocks. I'm sorry, Rhys, if you wanted a housewife, you married the wrong woman. Although I agree that Harkness is Captain Jack Bollocks.

PC Andy! I am noticing myself just cooing over the cast, in this review, but what the heck. PC Andy! <3 <3

Anyway. I have no clever input. I just wanted to go d'awwwwwwwwww. Looking forward to the next part! :D

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